Thursday, January 11, 2007

imagine your a citizen of Utopia

Just suppose you lived in a country that was ruled by a tyrannical government(this could be anywhere) we'll call this mystical place Utopia. You along with the millions of people that live in Utopia have become accustomed to the tyrannical government, after all you can't fight for your independence this just isn't done any longer. Besides those that try to protest come up missing in the middle of the night.

At some point the ruling force of the universe declares the government and the leaders of Utopia not to be in lockstep with the universal dictates of the controlling force.

The appointed representatives of the controlling force declare via resolutions that your tyrannical government isn't in compliance with the universal edict and has allowed via this resolution a military force to conquer your government to FORCE complaince.

A nation twice the size of yours we'll call it Freedonia has decided that a military invasion would be a good course to bring about compliance. In the backrooms of the controlling universal force plans are drawn up to accomplish this feat in order to assure universal compliance with everything that is deemed just. Utopia just can't be allowed not to comply with the universal force.

At some certain time the universal force grows tired of waiting for voluntary compliance(as if there is such a thing)and gives Utopia a deadline to comply. During this timeframe the nation of Freedonia has determined that your nation has weapons of which it isn't allowed to have(I guess this is determined by the universal force) and that your government helped orchestrate an attack on Freedonia which caused the loss of thousands of lives(they determined this in a matter of a month or more of investigations)

The peoples of Freedonia are whipped into a frenzy that a retaliatory strike must be done immediately or as soon as the FACTS are known. During the investigation the government of Freedonia determine that this attack had taken years to plan out and execute. They also determine that many of the attackers were from Sandia, a small nation in the outer quadrant with natural resources in abundance. Sandia supplies Freedonia with much oleum ore, a rich mineral which fuels the engines of commerce universally.

When Freedonia decides to attack Utopia do you allow it to happen??
Do you fight for your possesions and your family??
Do you allow the invading force to conquer your government so the universal force can install a government of their choosing?

I ask these questions to get your responses to see how YOU determine what is going to happen in Utopia.

This isn't a far fetched scenario and the outcome could be contrary to what you may want.

open minded

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