Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Nixa smoking ban

I was driving into town today with the radio tuned to KADI 99.7( the perky female radio jockey lamented about the smoking ban in Nixa. This perky twenty something thought it to be a good idea that the government regulates PRIVATE businesses in the manner in which they conduct their business.

In case your wondering YES I did hollar at the dingy broad on why government/hence the popular vote of the people is quite a bad idea for the business sector. Just like with Don Imus sponsors and listeners will determine if he truly is a BIGOT or not. You'll notice I didn't use the word RACIST because Mr. Imus has never stated that his race is superior to that of any minority. It is quite interesting however that black rappers can call black women ho's whore's bitches and the like and not one complaint from Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. Sorry for the diversion back to my rant.

OK upon finding her picture on tha radio stations website I take back the twenty something comment ( However this has become a typical response in the fight for property rights and HOW a private business has become known as a public area.

A restaurant owner has the right or should have the right to determine whether or not his/her establishment allows smoking. A simple sign posted by the front door that states this establishment ALLOWS smoking should be enough to warn non smokers of the conditions. If every restaurant allows smoking then someone should be thinking about making money by opening up a NON SMOKING restaurant. Become a capitolist and risk your own money on a business venture instead of sticking your opinions and regulations on people that haven't asked for it.
By the way I'm a non smoker !!!!!

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