Wednesday, June 6, 2007

State Election Board Abuses Power, Violates Law, Effectively Kills Recall Rights

A tyrannical government should be and needs to be replaced immediately, however politicians KNOW they have us by the balls.


State Election Board Abuses Power, Violates Law, Effectively Kills Recall Rights

Despite the fact that the petitioners in the Michael McGee recall met every statutory requirement, despite the fact that neither the Milwaukee Election Commission nor the State Election Board (SEB) could disqualify the petition even through the use of illegal methods, the SEB voted to decertify the the petition to recall Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee and indefinitely postpone any potential recall election.

In doing so, the SEB abused its power, violated state statutes, and created a simple procedure by which any politician can disqualify a certified recall regardless of how closely the petitioners have followed the law or the number of signatures collected. In their ruling, the SEB allowed the politically appointed City of Milwaukee Board of Election Commissioners to essentially rescind the legal and unanimous petition certification they issued two weeks earlier without any finding of a statutory violation by the petitioners or mandating a defined time frame to complete another review. In fact, the SEB used the Milwaukee Election Commission's own illegal secret striking of signatures (even though they did not strike enough to disqualify the petition) as the pretext for their action. Click here to review the CRG Network letter to the SEB detailing their illegal and unethical actions.

CRG Network Calls Upon Wisconsinites to Rally Against SEB Tyranny

The SEB set itself up as kings rather than public commissioners by violating established state recall statutes and administrative rules when they accepted the subjective declaration of the Milwaukee Election Commission that they did not "feel" enough valid signatures were collected - even though they had no proof! The state statutes define a rigorous process for submitting a valid petition and everyone admits the petitioners followed the law. One might even accept the Commissioner's change of heart as a matter of conscience had they rescinded their unanimous vote to certify the petition on the basis of facts rather than the dubious testimony of a handful of reputed perjurers, convicted drug offenders with a history of recall sabotage, and persons who claimed they did not even read the petition before signing it. It is difficult if not impossible to extrapolate this scant and dubious evidence into the slanderous and unsupported pretext of "widespread fraud and corruption" as did the Milwaukee Commissioners.

If this decision is allowed to stand it will serve as a precedent for all future Wisconsin recalls and make it nearly impossible to ever successfully complete one. That makes it imperative that we as Wisconsinites do everything in our power to stop the SEB from exercising this abuse of power and putting themselves above the law.

How Can the Citizens of Wisconsin Unite to Fight These Self-Anointed Tyrants?

The SEB has essentially said, "We do not care what the law says. If you do not like our ruling, sue us." So that is what we must all pull together and do. It may cost as much as $25,000 to depose these tyrants in circuit court and send a clear message that no one is above the law. A legal defense fund has been set-up to receive contributions. No contribution is too small. It is far better to receive a one-dollar contribution from 25,000 people than $25,000 from one person. Checks can be made payable to Clean-up Milwaukee Government. They may be mailed to

CRG Network
PO Box 371086
Milwaukee, WI 53237

You may also contribute via major credit card by clicking here then clicking the "Make a Donation" button. Donor names will be kept confidential and there are no restrictions on the dollar amount that can be donated. Donors do not have to be residents of the City of Milwaukee or the 6th Aldermanic District. For additional information please contact Chris Kliesmet at (414) 429-9501.

There will also be a rally held Friday, January 26th from 5:00PM to 7:00PM at

American Serb Hall
5105 W Oklahoma Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53219
Phone: 414.545.6030
Fax: 414.545.6329

Click Here for a map

Nothing, not even money, will make as large an impression upon a lawless government than citizens rallying in one spot to declare that tyranny today is no better than the tyranny we revoked in 1776.


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