Friday, September 14, 2007

another day in the life of radio listening

I was able to listen to Herman Cain pontificate on why a republican president would be much more beneficial then a democrat. His reasoning of course went something like this: If candidate Clinton or candidate Obama were to be elected within five years we would have socialized medincine, which would hinder the ability of a so-called free people to use or go to a doctor of our choosing.
The European models are failing, Canada sends the U.S. many of their emergency pregnancy since they haven't the room to deal with this problem.
One only need to research the cost of health care and track the cost and one will discover that government has directly lead to much of the cost with over regulation and taking the marketplace out of the equation.

In the midst of making his point he clearly stated that a republican president will allow and institute free market solutions to a government prescribed health care crisis. Clearly Mr. Cain hasn't paid much attention to history dating back to President Lincoln, since the republican party and those elected to serve in a capacity of being republicans haven't yet attempted anything that would create one to belief the republicans are going to do as they are suggesting.

Once bitten, twice shy on any type of reform introduced by either mainstream candidate

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