Wednesday, November 7, 2007

give me a break TED !!!!!

So MA very won senator Ted Kennedy has a problem with a so called torture known as waterboarding. It would seem Senator Kennedy had NO problem in his younger years with water torture of an individual known as Mary Jo Kopechne. Mr. Kennedy allowed this woman to drown while he was fishing for a story to save his political @$$.
It is quite apparent that Mr. Kennedy has led a very sheltered life and has never witnessed the training that a Navy Seal, Air Force Special Ops, Army's Special Forces and Rangers, and Marine Recon units. This training could be considered torture however it made me a tougher individual and a very dedicated individual that can and does think outside the box.

In time of need if one has to torture an individual to gain information which could save the lives of many, then I say go for it. Sometimes torture is far beneficial to death in these matters.

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