Monday, November 19, 2007

Who is going to stop the Patriots

No I'm not talking about the Ron Paul supporters,hopefully America wakes up in time to see he is the most CONSTITUTIONAL candidate we've seen since Thomas Jefferson.
I'm discussing that football team from New England which destroys there opponent with relative ease. I've watched New England dismantle the opposition as if they are playing a high school JV squad.
Many will proclaim that the Pats are running up the score to humiliate their opponent, however everyone playing in the NFL is an adult. If you happen to be on the losing end of a football game you should've played better, or done something that would've slowed down the other team.
Look at the NY Jets they knocked off the Pittsburgh Steelers, and this is a game that Pittsburgh should've won EASILY(on paper). The game isn't played on paper it is played on the field.

I recall living out in the Bay Area during the heyday of the 49ers and it appeared that the opposing team was completely intimidated just by walking on the field, knowing full well they didn't stand a chance. The Patriots have the same aura about them, and it will require quite an effort to knock them from the unbeaten ranks.

KUDO's to Jimmie Johnson with his back to back championships. Under the old format that would've been number 6 for Jeff Gordon, is it any wonder he doesn't like the new formatted championship. Jeff was slumping while Jimmie was rolling, if you can consider the average finish of 5.1 as slumping.
Double digit wins was said to have gone by the way side in NASCAR with parity and competition, however once more heart, desire, and the will to succeed can propel the average to do something beyond what many said wouldn't be done again. Am I talking about the Patriots or Jimmie and crew here, both have proven many wrong this year. NASCAR is finished so the 48 bunch can rest on there laurels and enjoy the off season.
The Pats still have 6 regular season games plus the playoffs to prove a point, which I believe will be proven in the end.

The Pats already own the longest winning streak in NFL history. The 72 Dolphins went undeafed during the regular season, a feat which hasn't been duplicated. The '98 Broncos started the season 13-0 which is a portion of there 18 game winning streak which included the previous years Super Bowl win over Green Bay. The '90 49ers also have an 18 game winning streak in which during the '90 season they started the season 10-0.
Many great football teams have been assembled over the years, none better during one year then the '72 Dolphins which also amassed an 18 game winning streak.
I believe the '07 Pats can better this record, but the games must be played before accolades are given.

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