Sunday, December 16, 2007

shameless self promotion

Steven Reed is well known in this area for trying to get a government boondoggle project here to the Springfield area. The project is called Amtrak. This wasteful government program spends millions of taxpayer dollars while bringing benefits to the minority and not the majority.
Another type project of which seems to be on the forefront is a technology park which he seems to want the taxpayers to fund to the tune of millions of dollars. This city doesn't have millions of dollars as the city audit pointed out.

Mr. Reed is also the self promoter that he was instrumental in getting the city audited and the Springfield News Leader finally listened to him long enough to put a blurb in the paper proclaiming his greatness for this thought. I'm not very familiar with his effort since I didn't live in Springfield at that time, but since 2006-2007 was the very first time this city got audited by the state I would have to assume his attempt failed.
I'm quite sure research could point to countless others in the past that may have made a passing statement on this same subject however we aren't promoting them as the originators.

It appears that Steven Reed wants to become the Paul Revere for this effort while the members of the local libertarian party, and the individual members of the police and fire departments are regulated to the status of Samuel Prescott and William Dawes

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