Monday, December 3, 2007

your an anti-war activist

Sitting here listening to Neal Boortz it seems somehow I've been labeled as such. I'm very much in favor of our actions in Afghanistan, based on reports from the federal government, however I wish we would really go after terrorist which would include Saudi Arabia. I'm not a one country offender like it seems most talking heads are.
Now Neal did bring up this little scare tactic of Muslims coming across our southern border an transporting a nuclear weapon up to Chicago and detonating it. NOTHING is preventing this scenario from being carried our right now, certainly not our actions in Iraq.

In my opinion what many of these dimwits don't want to take knowledge of is the following; the federal government is tasked with protecting this nation and our borders, this can be done from within, however this has gone by the wayside during our tenure as global protector.

Many talking heads like to proclaim that Ron Paul is an isolationist or an anti-war candidate, I believe he is able to speak from a perspective that many can only aspire to.
I recommend that many of you read what the man has to say about the issues and also learn the constitution while your at it.

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