Thursday, January 17, 2008

hold on to your wallet again

Jordan Valley Quarry Public Input Events were held this week and Springfieldians turned out to spend earmarked tax money. Yes folks I said earmarked tax money that was never discussed on any national radio show or local for that matter. It seems House Whip Roy Blunt figured out a way to abscond of 2.7 million dollars of the taxpayers money and brought it home to build "The Gateway of Jordan Valley Park" , the newest in a list of boondoggle projects designed to keep the city taxpayers paying for our park system.

This lime mine changed hands many times through the years eventually caught on fire and burned for quite some time, eventually the Springfield Greene County Park Board acquired the land to be used for Jordan Valley Park.

Sorry got off track for a little bit. I went to last nights meeting which approximately 30 people were there of which 10 of them were city employees or worked for the consultant form Portland, OR. So what that all means is the city will exclaim that with valuable input from the citizens of Springfield this monument of Jordan Valley Park will be erected. 20 people determined how 2.7 million dollars was going to be spent and ONLY ONE of those individuals suggested to send the money back from whence it came. Yes I was the minuscule minority with common sense.

How can we ever complain about spending if we continue to join in when it is offered?

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