Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Presidential candidates

So Oprah endorses Obama, however she is silent the many times that Alan Keyes runs on the Republican side, so I take this to mean that an African American isn't worth endorsing unless he plays to the socialist agenda.
YES !!!!!!!!! I said the "S" word. I listen to all the pundits and I listen to the speeches, and I watch the debates, however unlike many I LOOK at voting records as well. The leading Democrats well all the democrats have a socialist agenda, redistribution of wealth schemes and a general takeover of a trillion dollar industry known as health care.
Now to the other side of the political spectrum John McCain a large government republican that doesn't like the first amendment so he helped pass McCain/Feingold which brought about an end to money being donated to political campaigns. Also a firm believer in wide open borders and failing to defend the Constitution.
Besides the McCain/Feingold support the rest of the candidates excluding one all stand for large government, social spending run amok, and another "oath of office" down the drain.

Ron Paul a true by definition Republican. Smaller government, fiscally sound, trying to end social spending run amok, the list goes on but I haven't the time to list them. Voted for invasion of Afghanistan to reign in Taliban militants for the attack on NYC. Firm supporter of a strong military after all he is a retired military officer.
Until I see the other candidates from the Libertarian Party, Constitution Party or any other candidate Ron PAul is my choice for very obvious reasons

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