Sunday, January 20, 2008

Romney Revealed

As I have said before the only candidate on the republican side that can even carry the moniker of "conservative" is Ron Paul, however the establishment doesn't want a REAL "conservative" they want someone to carry the mantle of government continues to GROW while the electorate complains. The talking head PUNDITS will continue to blame the democrats and occasionally the RINO's even though Ron Paul is the only TRUE republican.

Mitt Romney’s victory in Michigan’s Republican primary last night throws the GOP race for president wide open. But it should also end once and for all the idea that Romney is the heir to Reagan-style conservatism.

For some reason, Romney has been able to claim the Reagan mantle despite his support for:

  • A health care plan virtually indistinguishable for the one proposed by Hillary Clinton;
  • Support for No Child Left Behind, calls for increased federal education spending, and a proposal to have the federal government give a laptop computer to every schoolchild in America;
  • Calls for increased farm price supports;
  • Support for the Medicare prescription drug benefit; and
  • An undistinguished record on taxes and spending as Massachusetts governor, earning a C on Cato’s governor’s report card, and including support for $500 million in increased fees and corporate taxes.
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