Thursday, January 31, 2008

Started with 11 now there are 4

Ron Paul What isn't to like about a man that understands the constitution. I could list all his faults except he doesn't have any when in come to policy and politics. His name recognition has been lacking as most mainstream media outlets, both liberal left and conservative right, avoid his name because a true patriot scares the hell out of Washington DC and most people that follow politics. Lobbyist and moochers alike despise the man for his hardcore stances that defend the Constitution to a fault.

John McCain to say this man is a socialist will get me in lots of trouble since he is a war hero. I respect the man for his service in the military, I abhor his service in the Senate. The man proclaims to be for national security but yet he is willing to allow anyone to walk across our border and seek government benefits. He has squelched the voices of many Americans with his campaign finance reform bill, which should be called protect the incumbents job act. No matter what the excuse he wants to use he voted NO on allowing Americans to keep more of what they make. Government calls it a taxcut, McCain seems to believe he more than I is entitled to the money I earn. Is a co-conspirator in trying to keep a large percentage of the population scared to death by following the mantra of the extremist terrorist are out to get us. Keep in mind that Art IV Sec IV requires the federal government to defend this nation a task of which they failed on 9/11/01

Rudy Guilani dropped out and endorsed the socialist John McCain, like we didn't see that coming.

Mike Huckabee the man that raised taxes more in AR then even Bill Clinton, is now trying to act like a person of the people with his endorsement of the FairTax. His biblical beliefs have me a little worried because from what I've seen the Southern Baptist tend to be a little on the fringe. Isn't a supporter of national security as his policies on illegal immigration point out. He just like McCain fit the typical idea of a "conservative", which is someone that remains pleased with the status quo.

Mitt Romney
Has all the characteristics of the status quo politician. I respect his business mind and I respect his faith, however I'm not comfortable with a man that doesn't see any problem with the size and scope of government getting even larger. His stances on many issues has me believing he is very similar to Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

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