Friday, February 22, 2008

Homeless shelter for veterans in Springfield

I find it quite amazing that parents are up in arms about this shelter because they fear that a sexual predator might be allowed into this shelter, never mind that it would be a violation of Jessica's LAW if this happened.

Yet they will send their young children to government schools and they haven't the slightest clue if a sexual predator might be teaching little Sara or little Johnny. Do a goggle search on teachers having sex with children students and you'll get
1,760,000 hits on the subject. Not to mention the lackluster education they receive on the founding of this nation and the importance of the Constitution and this Republic.

Somehow a homeless shelter for veterans is supposed to contain mentally deranged patients that could somehow be a child molester but our government school system is FREE from this dilemma ? I DON'T THINK SO !!!!

YES Mr. Rice has a history of ignoring Springfield zoning laws, the one I recall the best happened a few years ago during an extremely cold week in '02 which Mr. Rice opened up his facility so as to allow homeless people to come in from the cold instead of freezing to death. The imperial government structure in Springfield booted the people out in single digit temperatures because the business they were housed in temporarily didn't have the proper zoning requirements for this action.

Resolution opposes homeless vets center

Incidents at other New Life facilities worry school board.

Cory de Vera

The Springfield school board unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday calling on federal officials to prohibit the New Life Evangelistic Center from operating a homeless veterans facility near Central High School.

The Rev. Larry Rice was able to obtain the facility, the former Social Security building at 806 N. Jefferson Ave., because a federal law in the McKinney Vento Act calls for surplus federal property to go to programs that help the homeless.

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The resolution says New Life has "a history of noncompliance with Springfield building and fire codes, as well as a documented history of violent crime at several of its locations throughout the state of Missouri."

Having the facility so near the high school, says the resolution, "poses a direct threat to the safety and well being of the students at Central High School."

Several people from the Central High Site Council stood when Springfield board president asked for those in support of the resolution to stand. One person spoke out against the resolution.

The resolution which will be sent to Missouri's senators, congressman Roy Blunt, local state representatives and the governor, among others.

Board President Kris Callen said the resolution is not anti-veteran or anti-homeless. Instead, she said, it speaks to someone who may be very well-intended who runs facilities that have suffered negative consequences — including a recent murder — perhaps because of lack of oversight.

"This is prudent," said Callen. "We are trying to be as proactive as we can."


Busplunge said...

How come no one ever mentions this is across the street from the police station?

tom said...

could it be that it doesn't fit the rhetoric that a certain group would like to achieve.

Anonymous said...

I honestly dont think that Mr. Rice should be able to put it there. With the huge numbers of problems he has had across the country. The School Board and the City are doing the right the thing. It takes about 6-10 mins to respond to things even next to the police station. The police dont just sit inside and wait for problems to arise. the responders are out on patrol. So Rice should find a new place cause it isnt happening.

tom said...

Then perhaps these concerned parents should also LOOK into the backgrounds of each and every school teacher, school administrator, even neighbors to see if any of them might fit the profile of being a child molester or someone that is mentally deranged. Odds are someone in the neighborhood where you live is taking some sort of prescribed narcotic to deal with some sort of mental issue.
Once again the NIMBY's raise there heads before they even are aware that a problem exist. I would bet Mr. Rice is willing to make some concessions in terms of security for this establishment if the wasn't such a knee jerk reaction from parents and the school board.

Personally I would trust my children to a veteran before I would trust them to the government school system.

Anonymous said...

Thats the problem. Sex offenders are required to be so many feet away from school and I think they already do background checks on teachers and such. I find it funny that you keep focusing on the Veteran point. It isnt the fact that they are vets, its the fact Rice can not 100% secure his buildings. And second just because they are vets does that give them the right to do anything that they want? Thank you for your service to our country. Laws don't pretain to you. Get past the Vets fact. When Rice can get the oversite of his other places right them maybe in the future. But he has proved we can not trust him to do so yet. Your lib values blind you from common sense

tom said...

Then based on your statement just like the one I used citing Jessica's LAW then child molesters must not be the concern. Since teachers go through a thorough background check why is it that many teachers are being charged with and found guilty of having sexual relations with their students. Not too mention how many of those are actually in the religious sector. When the porn industry can account for at least 12 billion in annual revenues it isn't hard to see that it isn't only the homeless people that one must worry about in terms of our children.
I have noticed far more problems in GUN FREE ZONES such as schools, and governmental buildings then I've noticed at any of Larry Rice's facilities.
As for them being veterans that gives them a little more favoritism in my mind, since I to served my country honorably, then someone who just happens to be homeless. To honor our men and women is easy to help them get through rough times should be a governmental concern and that of the people.. I applaud Mr. Rice for taking a step to help in this manner.
As for being called a 'liberal' by an individual that chooses to remain anonymous strikes me as being the most hilarious thing I've heard since the News Leader accused me of having a 'holier than thou' attitude when it comes to campaign contributions from corporations and buying votes.
Anyone that knows me will tell you I haven't a 'liberal' bone in my body, unless one considers the love of country, the founding principles of this nation as being sacred, and the staunch support of individual liberties and freedoms which are to be protected by government not regulated by government as a 'liberal' position.
This type of rhetoric is what gets people to withdraw from politics all together. I'm neither liberal or conservative because in order to be so I would have to condone the federal government usurping the freedoms and liberties granted to us by our creator and ignoring the Constitution with many entitlement programs and the taking of personal liberties.

tom said...

But of course homeless vets are much more dangerous to our kids. I'll give this lady credit at least she had sex with an 18 y.o. instead of a 12 y.o.

Bad Bad Teacher
School Sex Scandals - The Dark Side of Teacher-Student Relations
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Melissa G. Monroe

(2/19/08 - Initial BBT Report)

Melissa G. Monroe, 32, a math teacher at Bentonville High School in Bentonville, Arkansas has been arrested on charges of sexual assault in the second degree and knowingly furnishing alcohol to a minor.

Melissa G. Monroe

Monroe came to the attention of police when another teacher received a text message allegedly from Monroe indicating that she had been involved in a sexual relationship with a male student.

Police say that Monroe took the boy to her home, gave him alcohol and had sexual intercourse with him, apparently on the boy’s 18th birthday.

Monroe is being held in the Benton County Jail awaiting a bond hearing.

She has been suspended with pay from her teaching position.

gsokerka said...

tom, I couldn't agree more! I'm glad to see that some others are willing to take a stand for Rev. Rice. thanks for all you do.