Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"it's for the children"

The Larry Rice issue was raised this evening, I didn't stay for the whole part of that discussion due to a severe migraine. All of the speakers I personally heard used the age old adage "it's for the children" a phrase taken out of the democrat play book to spend millions of dollars on a substandard education
It appeared that no one is comparing apples to apples in this debate including the few council members I heard make remarks. Here is the skinny, when one of Larry Rice's facilities has something go down that causes a death or injury Larry Rice gets blamed NOT the perpetrator, however when someone in a school gets injured or killed then why don't we blame the administrators or at the very least the government that would be along the same lines.
The argument to keep this homeless shelter from becoming a reality is nothing more than knee jerk reactions by a vocal minority that truly hasn't researched the subject. The probability of anything happening in or near this veterans homeless shelter isn't any greater than going downtown to one of our many bars.
Personally this shelter doesn't affect me in any manner although there are some half-way houses in and around my neighborhood and as of yet I haven't heard any complaints from anyone that lives near them.

Based upon the arguments I heard this evening if just one child that attended Central H.S. has been convicted of a robbery then shouldn't we send ALL children going to Central to jail now before they have the opportunity to commit a crime.
You may feel that statement is extreme however it is the very same argument turned around against those that are against the homeless veterans shelter.
I believe the shelter should be given the go ahead with stipulations that make it a very secure place to be and to verify that the neighborhoods will continue to be as safe as possible. I usually like vocal minorities when they make a point that is conducive and well thought out, however when they go off half cocked like those that spoke this evening on this issue they do nothing except move a conversation into the extreme.

So city council has a choice on this matter and it appears they are once again going down the wrong direction.

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