Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Container Ordinance

It all started innocently enough as Gary Deaver spun the tales of days gone past and how he is just looking for a solution to a problem which for all intended purposes doesn't exist. Storage Containers run amok in the city and they must be controlled for the sake of everyones safety. Never mind that there have been NO accidents in the city with these containers and I would imagine accident rates for personal injury in and around these devises is quite minuscule.

The comparisons were made to the garage sale and residential parking ordinances which it didn't occur to me until today why this is.
Few if any people raised a fuss when the city regulated garage sales because this is a minority of the population and NO one came to their defense. Then it was parking in residential neighborhoods and once more this didn't affect a good percentage of the population so it as well sailed through.
Now were onto containers and this brought out much more weight then the city had imagined. 65 people attended the meeting last night and it seemed like the topic of discussion is stuck in a revolving door. On one side the business leaders are asking why such an ordinance is needed since placing a container already comes under the building & fire codes already in place. The flip side of the coin proclaims it has to be done for safety and to control the means by which these containers are used. Never mind in most cases these containers are placed on PRIVATE PROPERTY not governments.
Mr. Deaver kept on bringing up issues such as parking them too close to structures, except this already violates fire code. Dropping them to close to fire hydrants, once more a fire code violation. Blocking access in driveways and to other businesses, once more a violation of this matter is already in city code.
The crux of the matter is that someone thinks that the containers are unsightly and they are trying to use the force of government to prevent having to look at one from their back deck or bedroom window. A word of advise would have to be not to purchase a home near a business park. This is quite similar to purchasing a home in an area near an airport then complain because your home is in the landing pattern area when the wind is blowing.

It appears this issue should be tabled however I get the inclination the city will keep in at the top of the docket

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