Monday, March 10, 2008

I had to laugh

this AM while listening to our local conservative talk show host pontificating on how supporters of Ron Paul are going to destroy the Republican Party. This was done many years ago by people who tried to dictate to individuals how they must live their lives and they determined they should determine the essence of freedom. Dare I might add that lunatic fringe religious zealots added to this demise as well when they decided to dictate to the masses how one must lead a righteous life while they themselves didn't do like wise. Do as I say not as I do is not a way to abdicate political affiliations. As a religious individual I show people through my actions that having faith is essential to leading a good life, however I do know people that aren't religious that lead good lives as well. I'm really going to give him a break on this issue since being raised up in Canada is known to dilute the common sense of people. I would like to challenge Mr. Jericho to look at the voting record of Ron Paul and tell me where he finds such a notion of his thought process. There is NO one in Congress closer to being a reincarnation to one of our greatest Presidents Thomas Jefferson than Ron Paul.

According to the show this AM anyone who believes as Ron Paul is a flaming liberal , hate America crowd, and is destroying the greatest document ever written. Keep in mind that being Canadian raised VD Jericho still has fascist characteristics about him including how the individual should be governed.

I just about rolled off the highway laughing this morning when he pronounced me as a FLAAPL
and that yours truly is a danger to the United States of America. Imagine the horror that my special ops commander would feel if he knew that I was a turncoat and an American hater. I'm not a decorated war hero or anything(during the 80's we didn't go into military battles with anyone except that exercise in Grenada)but, I did serve my country honorably and with dignity until my discharge. I still love the country I was born in and all that it stood for by reading the Constitution. I dare anyone to read the document now and look at the government we have and tell me it still stands for freedom, liberty, and justice for everyone within the borders of this nation. Yes we have more freedoms than many nations, however I wasn't born there I was born here and I have fewer freedoms now then what was available when I was born in the early 60's.

It is a shame that my kids won't be able to experience a time when government doesn't tell you what you can do and how you can do it.

Imagine a staunch Constitutionalist with a good understanding of the document and an avid reader of the Federalist Papers being called a FLAAPL, it still brings a chuckle when I think about it.


Jason said...


Well, it's a flat out lie to say you're a liberal.

tom said...

The more I came to understand what a FLAAPL is and how one defines it, I fit the mold.
After all I support the Anti-American presidential candidate Ron Paul. I do believe that after years and years of our involvement overseas that retaliation was going to occur at some point.
I don't believe the government has the right to FORCE a woman to carry through on a pregnancy in cases of forced incest, rape, and the life of the mother. In all other cases of abortion the mother should be tried for murder if one defines a fetus as a life.
I believe all plants put on the earth by our creator have a purpose for us to determine the usage, not for government to regulate into the scrap heap.
I believe everyone has the same rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as I do and if they aren't infringing upon those rights NO crime has been committed.
I'm on my way down to DNC to let them know I'll be supporting them in the upcoming elections since my stances and attitudes more closely align with the fringe left.