Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The fruits of much labor

Fellow workers for liberty,

We are beginning to catch up on our sleep after two weeks of grueling work and "all nighters" and I want to say Congratulations and THANK YOU to everyone who worked to hard collecting signatures! The fruit of our labor was delivered to the Secretary of State well before the deadline Sunday afternoon and the certification process has begun.

To illustrate the momentous task we had before us, consider the fact that our two amendments were the only constitutional amendments to collect enough signatures to be filed. There were three other issues (Casino loss limit, Renewable energy, Health Care), but these three are only statutory changes, not constitutional amendments. As such, they needed far fewer signatures than we did.

What's next? As far as the petition is concerned, all we can do is wait for each county clerk to review the signatures for validity. We have scans of every petition sheet and are in a position to defend any signatures that they might not allow. In other words, we will fight for any signatures we need to qualify.

In the mean time, y'all can be starting / continuing the education campaign leading up to the November election. Although this issue has always polled extremely well, we can take nothing for granted. The developers, municipalities and maybe some lawyers will pull out all the stops to defeat us. We need to keep this issue alive in the news and among our friends and neighbors.

Continue to point out abuses every chance you get - call radio programs, write letters to the editor and talk to your friends and neighbors about the injustice of private use eminent domain.

Thanks again for everyone's hard work!

- Ron

ps I was in St. Louis the last two weeks and could not fix an email problem I had, so I have been missing many emails. If I have not returned an email you sent me it was probably because I didn't get it.

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