Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the flip side

Today while driving I heard a brief interview with Robin Carnahan and why she is opposed to the legislation that will create a voter ID card and she went to the extreme of trying to complain that voter ID was an issue meanwhile a National ID card is getting slammed in the state legislature. I see absolutely NO reason why a voter ID can't have a picture on it and to compare that to a national federal mandate identification is asinine.

Neal Boortz proclaimed he couldn't vote for anyone that called our troops and "occupying force". I wonder if there was some military force from far away that decided to free us from our tyrannical government if he would call them an "occupying force" or terrorist.

This morning I heard a blip from a local talk show host about a proposed casino that developers are trying to build in Rockaway Beach and like a good "conservative republican" he wants to use the force of government to keep the casino from being built. This confirms my suspicions on what I always thought about those that claim to be "conservative". We were placed on planet earth with the free will to live our lives to the best of our abilities and to make correct decisions. A conservative wants to take away your free will to determine what is right for you. If a casino is built in Rockaway Beach it will help the area proper, after all the government built dam is the reason why it has become a wasteland.

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