Saturday, May 24, 2008

we named him Chance

It was a HOT muggy night in Cupertino, CA the night that I was asked if I knew of someone that could provide a home for soon to be named Chance and his sister. I informed my co-worker that I would look into it after our shift was over.

We were working the late shift at a Lucky's Grocery Store removing flooring tiles and the mastic glue on the concrete floors down the corridors where they were placing new shelving units. This was quite an easy task and we had multiple work areas that I was responsible for. The work went off without a hitch and after an eight hour shift we all were on our way home. I stopped by Tim's house to see the puppies that he described as being part Rottweiler and Queensland Heeler. There was a female and a male of which I took the male home with me as we have never had very good luck with female dogs.

He fit in both my hands and was probably not even old enough to be weened from his mother, but sending this cute little fluff ball to the pound was not an option. Upon arriving at my house I put him in a dog kennel in my sons room and headed off to bed. I didn't need the baby monitor to hear the whimpering of this new addition to the family and it occurred to me if I couldn't get him to quiet down that the baby would be awakened which would mean I would have two problems on my hands. A baby needing fed and I'm not equipped in that manner, and a puppy that just wasn't familiar with the new surroundings.

I laid on the floor of the babies room and put my fingers through the kennel door to keep the newest addition of the family quiet which allowed the wife to sleep soundly through the night.
That morning when she did arise she came in to Jesse's room to find me asleep on the floor with the baby still asleep and Chance licking my fingers trying to wake me up.

The month was September in the year of 1993, which puts the birth of Chance in August. Chance has become quite a very large dog weighing in at about 110 pounds with the stocky build of the heeler breed and the coloring of his Rottweiler heritage along with the face, muzzle area, the chest cavity. We have been fortunate to have this very loyal family member around for this long, but I'm afraid his days are numbered, but that is the makings of another blog.

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Jacke M. said...

Dogs are a special part of our lives that fill a spot nothing else can fill.

I was so busy with Mother at the time Spike died that I really didn't have time to mourn him. I'm thankful for all the memories I have of the little character. He was one of a kind, they all are.

Enjoy the time you have with Chance. Wouldn't it be nice if they lived as long as we do?

I haven't taken on a new dog yet but I would love to when the right one comes along. Larry and I have been completely smitten by French Bulldogs but we can't afford the price tag!