Sunday, June 8, 2008

The little people finally win a battle with government

$4,220,431.20 plus interest from the date of the taking and attorney's fees and costs awarded to the estate of Wayne Hage and Jean Hage owners of the Pine Creek Ranch located in central Nevada. The case was caused by US Forest Service actions. IF, by chance, you are not familiar with this case, please read the attached Decision. (click on the link)

Takings; Fifth Amendment; just compensation cattle; vested water rights; 1866 Act Ditches; damages; grazing permit; Beneficial use; Federal Land Policy Management Act.

This action was In the United States Court of Federal Claims, Case No. 91,1470L filed June 6, 2008.

To all of you who have followed the 17 year Hage v. United States takings
case, today we received the final decision from Judge Loren Smith of the US
Court of Federal Claims ... and it is a great victory!

I'm attaching the decision for you to read. I've read it through once, but
am now enjoying a bottle of Champaign with Dan, so it is best that I don't
say much more than thanks so much for all your support.

The attorneys who litigated this case, Ladd Bedford and Mike Van Zandt, were
the brilliant strategist behind all this who were able to take my mom and
dad's ideas (Wayne and Jean Hage) and argue them before the court. We will
be working with them to prepare a case analysis and press release, which we
will get out to the Stewards of the Range membership.

Again, thanks to all of you for hanging in there with us. This case was the
spark to a great effort to restore respect to private property rights in
America, and I think we have made great strides to that end through this
case. But it is only the beginning. That effort has led us to providing a
way to restore protection of private property at the local level through
Fred Grant's brilliant coordination strategies, which are working throughout
the nation as we speak.

I spoke with Jack Swanson (our founder and creator of our name) just an hour
ago. He couldn't be more proud of what this effort has accomplished. It is
people like Jack, Ladd, Mike, Fred and my mom and dad, and all the members
of Stewards of the Range, that ensured we could stay the course for the long
17 years it took to get this important decision.

Again, thanks for your support ... and enjoy a great read and a great
accomplishment of all Americans fighting for the right to own private
property in America.

Warm regards,

Margaret Byfield
Executive Director, Stewards of the Range

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