Monday, June 16, 2008

What do you do when you witness a crime ??

The other morning as I approached the establishment where I get my first cup of coffee I noticed two guys walking up to the convenience store, as I parked my truck and walked into the store I noticed that only one of the guys were actually in the store. He was asking the clerk about some phone cards that were hanging on the shelf when guy number two walks in from a different door and goes towards the cooler where the beer is located.

It was at this point where guy number one walks up to the counter with the clerk because he says he wants to purchase a couple pack of cigarettes. Guy number two takes the inattention of the clerk to bolt from the store with a case of either Budweiser or Bud Light. Then guy number one decides that he doesn't want to purchase cigarettes after all after the clerk scanned them and walked from the store. I'm in this place quite a bit and this is the first time I noticed such an organized attempt to steal something. I normally purchase coffee here so the clerk doesn't pay any attention to me until such time as I walk up to the counter to pay for my item, and I don't believe I attributed to this crime in any manner as she was distracted by the first guy to walk into the store, not me.

The doors have buzzers on them so I can't figure out why she didn't hear the buzzer go off for guy number two. I told the clerk what had just went down and she informed me she didn't hear the buzzer go off when the second guy walked in and therefore she wasn't aware that anyone was in the store except me and the other guy who was doing a good job of keeping her distracted.

The clerk had told me the last time she tried to report a crime at that location the police didn't respond, I have NO way of knowing if this is true or not but I did tell her that I had just passed a couple of police officers a couple blocks down the road and they were sitting in a parking lot talking to one another. I recommended that she call the police and at least file a report to which she declined to do so.

To my amazement upon exiting this convenience store the two guys were standing there in the parking lot talking to one another as if nothing had just transpired, even though I noticed that the case of beer which had just been stolen was no where in site. I assume they did this just as a precaution in case any authorities were called to the scene.

I didn't call the police, but should I have ?? At 3:00 in the morning our police forces aren't that taxed that they couldn't respond to a robbery or are there certain location throughout town that have a reputation and as such police response time is slow to these areas.
I wasn't in a slum area of Springfield as this convenience store is in the vicinity of West Bypass and Chestnut where business are the only thing which is evident, but I would be suspicious of people walking up to my place of business

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