Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What was that

Last week I happened to be down at the county courthouse when I noticed a BIG event happening just outside the Busch Building. On my drive down there the radio had said that the "bomb threat" was over and the police had disposed of the offending material found in the basement refrigerator.

After taking care of my business in the courthouse I strolled across the street to see what was happening, I also made a phone call to my inside source to see if they knew what was happening. They were giving our free prizes and it was a very festive atmosphere as the dogs and burgers were being served from a backyard BBQ'er. It is at this point I would like to say I didn't see any health food inspectors out verifying that these surfaces were clean enough to eat off of, however I did see a couple of them in line to be served.

Later on that day my source informed me that the shindigs was a company picnic for the Springfield/Greene County employees. After all the gnashing of teeth to get money for the police and fire pension system including cutting the budget of each department by at least 7%, the city still had funds left over to not only have a picnic but to pay these individuals who weren't working but out eating on the taxpayers dime.

In this day and age where many employers aren't able to afford a picnic for the employees the City of Springfield still finds the funds in these trying times to hand out freebies and to make sure the moral stays up.

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