Saturday, July 19, 2008

what's the point

Lately there has been much discussion on local and national blogs about autism and Michael Savage. You see Michael Savage had the gall to say that autism is a made up diagnosis and the problem is the parents of these "idiot" children.
Anyone who knows me is well aware I don't fit the mold of most as I will speak what is on my mind without regard to if I "offend" anyone. From what I have read many are trying to get Savage kicked off the air and even here in our local community a few of our bloggers are trying to force the hand of the radio station that carries Savage.
I'm not a firm believer in the diagnostic skills of the medical or psychological profession when it comes to "mental conditions" and "mood issues". I've witnessed too many regular type people using the drug companies to receive a momentary high instead of dealing with life issues and what comes at you, this has lent my opinion to be a little tainted in this field. I've seen people I know do things which got the family in serious trouble only to use some mental condition as the excuse for doing such. Call me what you will but I would bet everyone of us knows people who have used something to their advantage only because the medical or mental profession allowed for it to happen just to shut the person up.

In my personal life I've had to deal with adversity and done so without a prescribed med, our sons would've in this day and age been diagnosed with autism for the oldest and ADHD for the youngest. Our youngest in some of his medical reports does list ADHD as being part of his behavioral issues however we found other means besides meds to alleviate him being hyper.

Before you get sucked into one side of this argument or the other do some research and talk to people who have had to deal with these issues, but by all means don't become so close minded that it clouds your judgment.

My response on another blog to this issue;

"Say what you will about Savage, the one thing that can be said about the man is that he does speak what is on his mind. I don't find fault in this position and I believe it to be an admirable trait, if only more people would do the same.

I would bet there is much over diagnosis in these "mental disorder" fields just as there were in the cases of ADD, ADHD and the lessor known adult ADD. The drug companies do a wonderful job of promoting there product across the airwaves which allows a good percentage of people to develop these symptoms du jour. I'm not saying this is true in all cases but to have 1 out of every 150 child born being diagnosed as autistic leads me to think there are under lying problems in the medical field to create crisis which will then need to be solved by government.

What a great way to promote such an agenda as single payer health care then to have much of the population being diagnosed with some sort of mental illness which will require millions of dollars in treatment.

I can only base my actual knowledge on what I have seen out of my own two kids and what I have researched on various websites relating to these conditions.

It does a person such as Jenny Garth no good to have a child diagnosed with autism in terms of government services, however her plight brings national attention to the issue which in many cases is a good thing, but don't chastise some people because they disagree with the majority educate them on how they might be wrong. We as a society are much to quick to point out faults because someone doesn't agree with the mainstream.

Here in Springfield many believe our local government is doing such a fine job that they attack those that would dare question the under lying motives of the council decisions. When someone uses facts to point out the fallacies of that argument many will go on the offensive an attack the individual writing or speaking what was on their mind.

If I don't believe autism exist that doesn't give anyone the right to force shutting me up or trying to shut me down, but it does give many an opportunity to use my statements in a manner to either change my mindset or to use those statements in any manner to convince others that I might not be a stable individual and as such my credibility in the eyes of many might falter. Don't take it personally if the exact opposite occurs however".


Jason said...

Tom, you're a complete fool if you think you gain any credibility with reasonable people if you deny autism exists.

I'm sure you would stand right beside the woman who called my kid a retard and said I shouldn't let him out of the house and say what a great thing free speech is but that doesn't make you a good person.

tom said...

I'm glad too see you think you know so much about me

tom said...

As for calling your kid a retard I haven't met your son but I would bet he isn't any different then my own son at that age.
Very rarely did we go out when Michael was younger because of the fits that would be thrown if service was lacking in speed. I don't know exactly what your dealing with but I would bet I could come pretty close. You aren't the only one to have problems of this sort and you won't be the last. I've been pretty much in your shoes a little over 18 years ago so I can say been there done that. The thought that yourself or others like you are the first to be dealing with what your dealing with shows a complete lack of knowledge of recent history. Wake up and quit pitying yourself, your son, and your family, it is beneath you. What your dealing with know should make you stronger, it appears it has had the exact opposite effect on you.

Sandy said...

I wouldn't consider speaking what's on your mind as an admirable trait. People who tend to speak their minds are the ones who offend people, cause trouble and get fired for some of the ridiculous stuff they say. They do nothing more than draw attention to themselves and cause strife among people.

tom said...


I've been raised and have adhered to the philosophy that if you speak what is on your mind there is NO doubt where you stand on any issue. As a business owner I won't fire someone for saying what is on their mind as I believe clearing the air to be quite beneficial. Speaking behind another back only for it too come full circle is a cowards way out.

I really don't care how others view me, being "offended" I believe shows a huge weakness in an individual and I have no use or desire to hang out with people like that. NOTHING says you have to listen or even read something you disagree with, so don't play the "offended" card afterwards.