Monday, August 25, 2008

Neighborhood Night Out

This was the second year for the Doling event and I would be remiss if I didn't give some opinions on how the event went and some personal opinions as well.

When I arrived at the museum pavilion the bands equipment was already set up and ready for sound check(this was much better then last year, I commend the sound operator for Silence DoGood). Volunteers from Doling Park and Caring Communities along with active members of the neighborhood association had the tables set up for food service along with much food. I brought the ice so they were quite happy to see me arrive so we could keep the food chilled.

Signs were placed so people would know where to park as there is supposed to be a Bob Monday fund raising event at the NorthView Center for the Parks Department. Some of the band members start to arrive and start on sound checks and there is much more equipment then last year along with high rise speakers which make it much easier to hear across the pavilion. Kevin arrived with the BBQ'er but NO one remembered the briquettes so Danelle volunteers to run to the store to get some. People start arriving and the food is starting to be cooked. On the menu is hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, baked beans,cookies, and brisket courtesy of Golden Corral on Kansas Expressway.

After Doug was done with his sound check we proceeded to draw for some of the door prizes. We had family packs and adult packages from the local businesses in the area along with some donated tee-shirts from O'Reilly's and the Community Blood Bank. The band started playing and over hundred people were in attendance at this point. The night was fairly well fast paced after we started serving food. Thank you for the Broadway Baptist church members in attendance as they stepped up to the plate when it was discovered we didn't have enough volunteers to serve the food. A call went out for some people to volunteer and members of the church stepped up to the plate to lend a hand.

Food service went quite smoothly as we served probably 300 people which is 295 more or so then attend our neighborhood meetings, *sarcasm* intended. I find these events quite curious, in that many people will flock to the event since "free" food is being served, however if donations were required for this event the food would've spoiled on the tables and very few people would've attended. Had we required people actually do "something besides show up" in order to be fed this event would have consisted of less then 10 people.

In my walking back and forth between people I heard many complaints about the event, the food, and just all around complaining however these people won't attend any of the neighborhood functions unless it includes "free" food. Personally those who find reason to complain when they are being waited on hand and foot can skip next years event and we wouldn't miss them.

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Sandy said...

Maybe you should consider asking for donations next year. There's nothing wrong with that. Everybody should know that when something is advertised as a free event, it's not really "free". There is always some cost attributed to it in some way.