Sunday, August 31, 2008

a question to Springfield blogger land

Aug 30th was my youngest sons 18th birthday so to celebrate we decided to give some of our business to the downtown area. I had been to Hickok's Steakhouse & Brewery during the Neil Boortz/KSGF event and Jesse wanted to eat someplace different. We have been to all of the franchise type steakhouses and our favorite was closed down last year, Smokey Bones, for some unknown reason even though they were part of the Red Lobster, Olive Garden family chain.

Jesse didn't want a really fancy place or we would have driven down to Wal-Mart corporate headquater territory to eat at Ruth's Criss Steakhouse, the absolute best tasting steak I've ever had in any restaurant.

We arrived at Hickok's to find a sign on the door that it was closed until further notice, anyone know why ??


Jason said...

It's been closed about a month but I haven't been able to find out why.

P Campbell said...
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P Campbell said...

Can't say that I was terribly impressed with Hickok's when my son & I attended the Neil Boortz dinner.

Still, I hate to see another business close it doors.

tom said...

I couldn't remember the food but I was willing to give them my business and the downtown area a try.

The downtown area appears to be dying for a second time no matter how much money is spent in the area. The viable option of having a vibrant downtown needs to have the correct percentage of business, attractions, and people who visit the area, our downtown doesn't have the ambiance to attract the needed people to achieve success without an influx of tax money. Thank you city council, city manager, and all of those who have micro-managed this area into another failure.

Jackie Melton said...

Tom, I don't know why. I'm still missing Shorty Smalls. That was my favorite place to get a steak but they closed years ago.

They had the best sizzling, grilled mushrooms on the planet!