Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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I wonder if private schools are dealing with the same issues ? Granted the cost of everything has gone up but taxes collected on that cost has gone up as well. I really believe it is time to welcome our government schools into the realm of the average family. What we can't afford we do without.

Students learn hard lesson in school budgets

Funding shortfalls squeeze educators: ‘There’s just no hope right now’

By Alex Johnson
updated 10:18 a.m. CT, Tues., Aug. 12, 2008

Around Valentine’s Day, parents in Cheatham County, Tenn., near Nashville, could face a problem: how to get their children to school.

There’s enough money in the 2008-09 school budget to pay for bus fuel only until February. The Cheatham County Board of Education doesn’t know what it will do after that.

“In the area where we live, those children are 12 miles from school,” said Kim Lane of Ashland City, the mother of a high school-age son. “That’s a long walk. What are they going to do?”

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