Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lemming land radio

Today while driving around listening to talk radio I had to laugh at how things are being portrayed on the right wing side on this Sarah Palin issue. It appears that the democrats dispatched people up to AK to snoop around and she what they can find on the governor.

"this makes perfect sense to do and it isn't any different then what the republicans have done already"

What really made me laugh are the callers as they find what the democrats are doing so despicable even though they won't mention that when there political party of choice does the same they are just seeking information. The person who stirred this up the most is Sean Hannity which is quite typical of the man that ruined the song Independence Day for me.

Another HOT topic issue was the phrasing of "putting lipstick on a pig still gets you a pig", of course the under lying current to this conversation was that Obama and the democrats are calling Sarah Palin a pig even though the implication of such isn't in this wording. I see this quite often on blogs where wording is implied even though the intent wasn't there and then the person doing the posting try to argue a point that NEVER even existed in the original content of the blog.

What many fail to see in this paraphrase of words actually spoken by Obama is that his words also come back on himself and Joe Biden as well. You can dress up a skunk but your still going to get a nasty odor downwind.

This is what we have in this election; Two long term Senators that have voted for funding of the government education system even though this isn't a function of the federal government as this question from the actual citizenship test proves.

11. Under our Constitution, some powers belong to the federal government. Which of the following is NOT a federal power?

To declare war
To print money
To declare treaties
To provide education

These very same long term Senators have ignored Art IV Sec IV of the COnstitution they swore an oath to defend, this is either a treasonous or at least impeachable offense. We can also add a freshman senator who is now the democrat presidential candidate to this list as well.

Do we really want any of these three in the top office of this nation ?? For the sake of the Constitution I would hope NOT, however the (m)asses are more inclinded to be lemmings instead of freedom fighters doing waht is the CORRECT thing for this nation.

Where does Sarah Palin fit in this ?? according to some of the research I have seen and have pulled myself from the city budget Mrs. Palin is quite famaliar with using the taxpayers dollars for inappropiate means and waste of government.

Perhaps the lemmings should research the candidates they adore and vote for principles instead of party.

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