Monday, September 22, 2008

There dropping like flies.....

Perhaps the trials and the tribulations of being hammered over the past couple of years has worn them out, or the process of seeking another term when the writing is pretty much on the wall has made this decision easier for those NOT seeking re-election. When political leaders do the business of the people in the proper manner the job of council or any other political office should be able to be fulfilled with minimal harassment. When as a political leader you go off track and think the people work for you instead of vice versa then the bickering become more promounced which in turn makes the job so much tougher.

It is easy to see why Collette and Deaver have withdrawn from their positions as the casualties from there reign is very evident now. The police and fire pension system bleeding red ink to the tune of 140 MILLION, a container ordinance which will if passed mean even more government intrusion into the businesses in this town, the pending waste haulers agreement that will force those companies NOT using the city landfill to pay a tonnage fee for hauling the trash elsewhere, a newly instituted health inspection fee onto the food handling establishments in this town which in essence is requiring they pay for a service that is MANDATED by government. Of course ONLY government can do the inspection as well.
Perhaps I should look into having the city mandate water treatment systems at the point of use for every home, apartment, and business in this city as well that way we can truly be environmentally friendly.

What else is looming in the background that a different city council is going to have to deal with that was started under this reign of dictators ???

Springfield mayor pro tem not seeking re-election

By Wes Johnson • • September 22, 2008


City councilman and mayor pro tem Gary Deaver confirmed this morning he is not planning to run for re-election in April.

Deaver joined the council in 2003, serving out the last two years of Councilman Gary Gibson’s term after he died in office.

Deaver said he is satisfied with the council’s accomplishments over the past six years, and said he has some personal projects he wants to undertake.

Deaver joins Councilwoman Mary Collette in deciding not to run for another term on council.

Councilman Denny Whayne said he will run for re-election. Councilman John Wylie, whose seat also is up for election, could not be reached for comment.

Earlier today, Jim O’Neal, a former Springfield city councilman and owner of O & S Trucking, said he is running for mayor of Springfield.

O’Neal picked up a petition form from the city clerk’s office this morning.

According to City Clerk Brenda Cirtin, O’Neal represented the General D city council district from 1987 until 1994, when he resigned because he moved outside the city limits.

His area later was annexed into the city, permitting him to run for city office.

He is the first person to announce a run for the mayor's office. Current Mayor Tom Carlson is not running again because he has served four two-year terms, the maximum allowed under the city charter.

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