Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bush, Obama, McCain Bailout

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Members of Congress are heading home...but before many were even unpacked, Wall Street special interests are already saying that $700 billion may not be enough to cure the nation's financial problems that have been discussed the last two weeks . . .

Like me, you are probably not surprised. The more you give a hungry pig, the more it wants.

While I am disappointed by the outcome of this boondoggle, which our Presidential Candidate, Bob Barr has labeled "the bailout from hell," I am not surprised. Despite upwards of 70% of Americans opposing the bailout, Congress passed it anyway. That's because many in Congress seem to be on Wall Street's payroll, not yours and mine.

High on the list of folks who owe a big debt to the Wall Street crowd are John McCain and Barack Obama. They've jointly collected millions in campaign contributions from the folks who brought us bailouts for Bear Stearns, AIG, Ford, Chrysler, General Motors and the takeovers of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Bob Barr is running for President because we urgently need to change the way Washington does business. For our Republic to thrive we can't afford a national debt of $11 Trillion.

You know that as well as anyone. Please, help me spread the word that only Bob Barr has the experience, courage and commitment to bring real change to Washington. Your investment in the Barr campaign today will reap dividends for years to come.

We have made small radio ad buys in targeted states and the result has been an increase in traffic to our website and growing interest in the Barr campaign as the only alternative to the politics as usual of John McCain and Barack Obama.

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HeroicLife said...

It's true that "special interests" pushed for the bailout bill, but its ignorant to blame "special interests."

In a populist democracy, every group that participates in the political system is a “special interest”, with the incentive and the possibility of using the political system to extract benefits for its members at the expense of other groups. The welfare and regulatory systems are two common means of coercively redistributing property and conferring monopoly benefits to various groups. Everyone in a democracy is constantly on the defensive against the possibility of organized groups extracting benefits from him, and on the offensive attempting to use the coercive power of the state to extract benefits from others.

The existence of special interests is just a symptom of the disease: the growth of government power to a degree that allows those in power to violate our rights and steal our property for the benefits of their constituents. Populist “maverick” politicians who claim that they will “fight special interests” and “change the culture in Washington” are just attempting to subvert the power of the state to favor their particular constituency. Take away the power of the government, and you will remove both the incentive and the power of the “special interests.”