Saturday, November 29, 2008

BLACK Friday

So just what is the allure of this day anyway? people get up early or stay out all night just to be first in line at the front of the store and for what ?
products which have been sitting on the store shelves all year long, products which are going out of fashion, and even technology devises which in a month will be obsolete by the next generation gizmo. on top of this you get to sit in traffic and get irritated by those individuals which act like they don't know where they are going just to get you to let them in line so they wouldn't have to wait as long. you could get the joy of being trampled when the doors open to the store.
there are numerous reason just to sit at home on Friday after Thanksgiving and I chose to obey everyone of them.
buying an overpriced gizmo, or clothes even after the markdown is NOT a reason for me to venture outside the house on a day where the masses are idiots.

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