Saturday, December 20, 2008

animal control meeting

It was not apparent at the onset of the meeting that there was an agenda, however since this meeting was being conducted by council members one should have figured the AGENDA was going to be forthcoming.
In attendance were people from animal rescue agencies, a local breeder, some people from a local vets office and a veterinarian that I had met the night before at the Young Conservatives meeting, a mayoral candidate, concerned citizens from Springfield and quite a few from Fordland and me. It appeared the meeting was on how we can grow the abusive force of government and require everyone to come under the same governmental umbrella. In terms of a level playing field I felt sorry for one Jenny Thrasher as she tried to explain the HUGE difference between a "breeder" and a reputable breeder.
The wife and I have owned quite a few "papered" dogs, A Norwegian Elkhound, which had won quite a few first place ribbons however she had a flaw which prevented her from showing any further. She was too big for her gender to continue showing but made a GREAT family pet. She also wouldn't have been of breeding stock for show dogs so we agreed to have her spayed. The breeder from which we got her researched our backgrounds through our references and came by the house to make sure that we would be suitable owners for her dog.
On the flip side of this coin we purchased a schipperke from an AKC registered breeder and we made sure we got the papers for this dog but I would classify the individuals we bought it from as being a backyard breeder. The dog had a terrible skin condition which we eventually overcame with treatment and "processed water" baths. The differences between the individual dog owners/breeders was quite immense which allows me to form my opinions on this subject. Reputable breeders don't just have litters in order to make a few dollars. In many instances breeders are asked by a friend or business acquaintance for an animal to complete there family and in that regard they will have some animals to sell. A reputable breeder will show there animals, they become much like family and as such they just aren't given to anyone nor are they just breed like rabbits. Are there abuses in this system YES!!!, but these are the individuals which city ordinances are designed for not those who are abiding by all the laws of common sense.
All of these organizations need to come together and find the areas of commonality and from that direct the city council in the manner of which common sense legislation is drawn up and passed.

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