Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Georgia voters decisively rejected Obama at the polls yesterday ??

This is sooooooooo comedy laden I had to post it as a blog. Chambliss winning in GA had nothing to do with a statement to Obama but rather a political race where only two candidates were on the ballot and a larger percentage of the black population stayed at home. The blacks were motivated to get Obama elected not to get Martin elected.

An urgent message from our Newsmax Sponsor,
The National Republican Trust PAC

The Media Won't Tell You This:
Obama Lost Big Time in Georgia

Dear Newsmax Reader:

Republican Saxby Chambliss won an incredible victory in Georgia, beating Barack Obama's candidate 57 to 43 percent.

This was nothing short of a landslide.

The results are a terrible disaster for Barack Obama.

The media won't tell you this, but I will.

Remember, Obama lost Georgia to McCain by a margin of 52 to 47 percent just a month ago.

And in the November Senate race Chambliss just barely nosed ahead of Democrat Martin, forcing the special run-off election.

Almost a month after Barack Obama's presidential win and the media's "honeymoon" with him, Georgia voters decisively rejected Obama at the polls yesterday.

The media won't admit this in any coverage today, but the Georgia election was simply a referendum on Barack Obama.

We at the National Republican Trust spent over $1.2 million to defeat Obama in Georgia — thanks to donors like yourself.

In our TV ads, we made it crystal clear — a vote for the Democrat would give Barack Obama a filibuster-proof Senate.

Obama would be able to pass his radical agenda of more taxes, left-wing judges — even citizenship for 12 million illegals.

This was the only issue for Georgia: should Barack Obama be given a blank check.

Georgia voters voted overwhelmingly "NO" to Obama.

Consider Chambliss' victory Tuesday was almost three times McCain's victory over Obama on election day.

Despite the media's love affair with Obama, the American people are simply not buying it.

Despite Obama's radio ads backing Democrat Martin, millions in Democratic money and thousands of Obama volunteers in the state, Georgia still said "NO" to Obama.

Since Obama was elected, he has already proposed the largest federal public works program in history -- a $700 billion program to put 2.5 million people basically on the public's payroll. This means you the taxpayer will have to pay for all these new workers!

Obama promised a socialist agenda. He is now delivering one.

We at the National Republican Trust fought during the presidential election campaign to expose Obama.

We lost, but with our small budget of just $10 million we had an incredible effect.

Tennessee's Chattanooga Times Free Press described our role in the presidential election this way:

"On Election Day, virtually every undecided voter went to McCain, and Obama's final vote share was no more and no less than the 52 to 53 percent the surveys had predicted. This unanimity among undecided voters is attributable to the end game of such groups such as (the National Republican Trust) . . . "

Indeed, we know our strategy had an effect.

And it certainly worked in Georgia Tuesday.

Obama Still Must Be Stopped

We need to prepare for many battles ahead.

Barack Obama has the almost total support of the media.

He has large majorities in the House and Senate.

He even has some liberal Republicans who have signalled they may join with him and Pelosi in pushing through liberal legislation.

I hope you can join with us in fighting Obama, Pelosi and these forces for liberalism in Washington.

The stronger we are, the more we can do to stop Obama.

We need your help to do.

You can donate to us today — Go Here Now

You may feel tired after a long election period.

I can assure you that Obama and his allies don't feel tired. They are anxious to ram through Congress their radical agenda.

We need to raise more money. Here's why. The larger our war chest the more worried Congressional Democrats and Republicans will be about us.

We will make it crystal clear to our Congressman and Senators that we at the National Republican Trust will target them for defeat if they sign on to radical legislation.

The more you can help us today will make our job that much easier tomorrow.

You can still make a difference — Go Here Now

Thank you for all of your support in these challenging times.

We won't let you down!

Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler
Executive Director

P.S. It was the National Republican Trust that Michael Reagan used to make his endorsement to put the full "Reagan legacy" behind Saxby Chambliss. We at the National Republican Trust are the guardians of the Reagan legacy in Washington. Become a guardian of that legacy with us today — Go Here Now

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Anonymous said...

"...a larger percentage of the black population stayed at home. The blacks were motivated to get Obama elected not to get Martin elected."

Wow, you're a racist.

tom said...

Hardly can one be called a racist when the facts back my statement, look them up before you spout off about something you know NOTHING about