Saturday, December 27, 2008

The hype of Jay Nixon !!!

Mr Nixon,

The best thing you could do is have the state legislature to pass a law which requires much tighter restrictions on malpractice suits. Doctors are scared of being sued and you also have people who want everything under the sun covered and if it isn't then we will have pending litigation. Insurance companies try there best on coverages but at some point people need to be responsible for their own actions as well.

Jay Nixon believes that every Missourian should have access to quality health care.

Every Missourian and every individual in this country has ACCESS to quality health care, please point to me where they don't.

Unfortunately, that is not the case today.

Once more the people have been led astray by hyperbole, of course Hulshof was not any better.

Because of Governor Matt Blunt's massive health care cuts in 2005, nearly 700,000 Missourians, including 121,000 children, do not have health insurance.

What does this have to do with access to quality health care

Businesses are struggling to provide health care for their employees,

Open up the market place so more companies can come into the state and be competitive in the marketplace. The I.C. has maintained the same insurance companies for years, where is the competition ?

seniors are paying too much for prescription drugs,

There also over medicated just like much of the population of this country

and our medical research facilities aren't getting the resources they need to move forward.

Stem-cell research an amendment 2 will take care of this.

As Governor, Jay will make it a priority to fix our broken health care system so Missourians can live longer, healthier lives and so that our state can lead the nation in medical research.

By living longer we can lead the nation in medical research ?? Living longer creates a draw on the social security funds, the nonexistent funds.

While Governors in other states are making smart investments by expanding health coverage for their citizens, Matt Blunt is doing the opposite here in Missouri. Since taking office, Blunt has slashed or eliminated the health care coverage of more than 400,000 Missourians, including 73,000 children.

Taking people off the roles of government is some how bad ?? Sometimes people need a little motivation to get motivated to better themselves.

Because the number of uninsured has increased so dramatically, Missourians with health care are being forced to pay higher premiums.

My rates haven't increased and I haven't noticed increased cost because of this issue in billing either.

The Governor unexplainably turned down over $1 billion federal dollars that would have helped provide the neediest Missourians with health insurance. When it comes to investing in a healthy Missouri, Matt Blunt is clearly taking us in the wrong direction.

Would this be the same federal government that is 10 trillion in debt and currently is printing bill faster to devalue the dollar even more.

As Attorney General, Jay has a record of finding creative ways to improve Missouri's health care system. He helped create the Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH), a foundation dedicated to strengthening Missouri's health care system and to promoting prevention and healthy lifestyles.

Perhaps requiring people to pay something into the system would be quite beneficial, we just can't keep requiring the middle class and wealthy to continue to pay for the poor.

The Foundation formulates public policy proposals to advance efforts to increase access to high-quality health care, particularly for the insured, throughout Missouri.

Jay understands that many small business owners who want to provide health care for their employees are simply unable to afford it.

I'm not buying this statement !! If Jay truly understands that many small businesses want to be able to have health insurance why then are small businesses restricted from forming co-ops to make insurance more affordable and why then are there 27 state mandates on what is REQUIRED to be covered.

In fact, more than 50 percent of uninsured workers in Missouri either work for small businesses or are self-employed. As Governor, Jay will be committed to working with small business owners to help them provide health care to their employees.

Then get government out of the insurance industry and get government out of the insurance policy industry.

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