Saturday, January 17, 2009

You threw the first rock

I received a mailer from my competitor over the weekend and some people have received NUMEROUS mailers from Robert Stephens. How much money should one spend to sit on a volunteer board ? I think the voters perhaps should ask that question. We know the current mayor spent close to $10,000 last election to obtain the seat which has benefited him in oh so many ways, could perhaps Bob be able to benefit from sitting on council, or perhaps someone in his family.
I didn't mind getting the card since it allowed me to see his mindset as he proceeded to try to convince voters that Lyle Foster and myself are either Johnny come lately's or people with personal agendas.
If creating a smaller more limited government that doesn't require more money out of my wallet is a personal agenda then I proclaim to be guilty. If not being from this area allows someone to be called Johnny come lately's then guilty as charged.
If not caring which direction the city continues off in then Mr. Stephens is guilty on both accounts, I mean after all where was he when the police and fire pension system was bleeding cash ? Where was he the night that the U.D.A. was trying to close the square from the people who pay the bills ?
Where was he in trying to come up with solutions to fund the police and fire budgets and pension plan ? Where has he been while the people of the West Central Neighborhood Association battle a crime rate along with a police problem ? Where was he while the restaurant owners were being ASSESSED a FEE for a service that is mandated for government to perform by government ?
The man clearly has no regard to what has been transpiring in the city and he is a LOCAL. Come to think of it so is everyone sitting on council currently and so was the previous council. If electing locals gets you a pension fund which is under funded by 198 MILLION DOLLARS isn't it about time for a REAL change ?

I'm Tom Martz candidate for General Seat "A", man with a personal agenda, a johnny come lately and I approve this message.

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Anonymous said...

Stephens sounds like the good o boy from the wrong side of the track to me.
He did not have good answers just blabbering like the status Q.
We need another person like Stephens on Council like we need more taxes.
Larry Melton