Tuesday, January 23, 2007

'07 Icestorm aftermath

Well CU still doesn't have electric citywide and peoples nerves are starting to fray. I will commend all those that are working diligently to get power back on, the phone lines restored and the grocery store shelves restocked.

The quesion remains however what has anyone learned??

Government can't rescue those that haven't done anything for themselves even though they will complain about the slow responce. I listen in awe as people beg and plead to have power restored to their houses and business. I can empathise, but we live in an area prone to ice storms, tornadoes, torrential rains and flooding.

Why aren't people more SELF RELIANT??

In some repects I can say government caused or allowed some of this to occur. I don't see any alternative means of power generating on any house including my own. Windmills, solar power, propane or any means to have some semblence of livelihood in time of need.
This storm showed that most people in this area aren't prepared to go without for any long duration. NO food storage, NO water stored, NO means to survive a long term condition.

The message this should send is that people need to be prepared for anything anytime, I'm afraid by the time power is restored a grearter percentage of those in the Midwest will continue on as most by forgetting what mother nature can cause.

Location in the U.S. makes NO difference because on the west coast were earthquakes are prevelant people aren't prepared for long term needs, as with most of the nation.

One must ask themselves are you prepared with at least a weeks worth of food and water just in case?
Can you survive a long term catastrophic event if government can't get to you?
If your prepared what can you do to mkae sure all you neighbors and friends are prepared to survive??
Keep at least a half tank of gas at all times, store 10 gallons if possible

A few good areas to learn how to become prepared are as follows

Be prepared and don't become reliant upon government services or corporate companies in order for your survival.

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