Sunday, February 4, 2007

the hype is over

The hyping is over. Tomorrow afternoon two teams with impeccable skill will hit the field to play in the game known as the SuperBowl. We know that both coaches have descendants that came over from Africa. Yes I could use the AA word, however I'm tired of the hyphen when people describe themselves. I could care less what color skin some individual has, and many will agree with me.

Does being black make either coach a better coach?

Did being white make Bill Cowher and Mike Holmgren less of a coach??

So much is being made of the color of ones skin now that I'm beginning to believe in my lifetime I'll never see a color blind society. So much for the speech of MLK Jr.

Enough hype of the game anyway, a percentage of people watch the game only for the commercials and to see the halftime show. I like Prince, however he is past his greatness when it comes to music.
Will the commercials maintain the standards of years past. Who can forget some of the greatest commercials of all time. The following is not an endorsement from me just some of the ones I remember.

Mean Joe Green and the jersey Coke commercial.
Fed-Ex and the caveman
The Monks and the IBM copier
Slice soda
Bud-wei-ser frogs and all the other variations of that commercial.

I absolutely HATED Bud Bowl.

Tomorrow the game will be played and there will be a NEW SuperBowl champion, but lets hope the commercials will be memorable as well

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