Thursday, July 19, 2007

2 for 1

In most businesses including my own I can't afford to keep spending money which doesn't benefit my investments or bring about any increase in my financial company well being.

Why is it then that our city leaders continue to invest in the downtown area when the investment keeps coming up short on terms of revenue reimbursement.

If I spend five thousand dollars on advertising I want to recoup my five thousand dollars before I decide to spend more cash, However this type of thinking doesn't exist when it comes time to spend TAXPAYER FUNDS on projects in city center of Springfield, MO.

One boondoogle project after another trying to re-energize a dying enterprise. Now as I make a trek towards the area I see the monolith GOD of the transportation system being built which is designed to allow more people access to the downtown area.

I ask of you what type of venues are in the downtown area which MIGHT lead to a business explosion downtown?? NONE that I can find.

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