Thursday, July 19, 2007

quite curious

Upon reviewing the pages of the FairTax website I see a big N/A beside Ron Paul's name. Now Mr Paul is the only candidate which has come right out and SAID he would abolish the IRS.

The FairTax website likes too mislead people by saying the FairTax will repeal the 16th, which it doesn't do, however a companion bill for such is sitting in the halls of Congress awaiting on sponsorship.

Now I realize that Mr. Paul doesn't fall into the "mainstream" sheeple category that most republicans do and therefore has been EXCLUDED from the Iowa debates. When any organization or mainstream media outlets decide to EXCLUDE people because of an opinion they hold dear it makes me take notice.

As I'm like to do I automatically reject the candidates which have the support of the 98+ million voters which follow along like lemmings. How this is determined is simple, these are the candidates which have the backing of the greater percentage of media outlets regardless of whether it be print media, television media, or listening(radio)media.
Simply stated Obama and Clinton on the Democrat side are hand picked by those that control information and government, on the Republican side we have Rudy G, McCain(although he is slipping into obscurity), and Romney.
This short list of candidates have the benefit of being HANDPICKED by greator powers then I so therefore I discount their candidacy and would NEVER vote for them NO matter what.

Mr. Paul on the other hand speaks his piece of mind, doesn't use government to control the thought processes of the individual and seems to have quite an understanding of governmental affairs.

Until such time as another worthy candidate surfaces my support goes to "Dr. NO".

Still waiting on a WORTHY candidate from any of the minority parties.


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