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"A little plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery"

As you all know I have been a fan of the FairTax as it seems like an equitable means to support the Constitutional needs of our government. My real problem with the FairTax is that the 16th isn't repealled first before another or different form of taxation is instituted. The FairTax also doesn't address the issue of non-Constitutional spending currently within the budget and allows for Congress to spend at the same levels now in existance.

By: Devvy
May 14, 2007

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last two columns dealt with the reality of the income tax and traps to
replace it called flat tax, fair tax or value added tax. They are just
distractions and the wrong discussion. The real issue is the size of
government. So few Americans today know that prior to 1913, we didn't
have an income tax to feed the central bank (FED); the first 1040 was
issued in 1913. How certain the traitors were at the time that
everything would go as planned. There's no question the events of 1913
were carefully planned and executed: The Sixteenth and Seventeenth
Amendments to the U.S. Constitution were clearly never ratified by the
required number of states; fraud was committed when they were announced
ratified. The Federal Reserve Act was passed the same year. A central
bank needs a mechanism to syphon off the wealth of the people (a direct
personal income tax, the second plank of the communist manifesto) and
the states needed to be deprived of their representation in Washington,
DC., in order for the long planned world government to proceed
step-by-step, one fraud at a time.

For forty years the tax and
spend Democrats ruled Washington, DC, looting the people's treasury for
social programs that are clearly outside their authority under the
Constitution. LBJ's great society jump started this insanity and sadly,
my parent's generation bought into their chains of dependency and have
passed this mess to my generation. Their addiction was fed by Congress
and the state legislatures for votes. In 1994, people said they wanted
change! Clever wordsmithing and a stable full of carefully polished
liars emerged, the "Contract with America" and the "Republican
Revolution" were born.... and died. It was all smoke and mirrors. The
Republicans took control of Congress in January 1995 - those "smaller
government" critters who speak with a forked tongue. None of Clinton's
monstrous, unconstitutional programs or executive orders were over
turned under this "Republican Revolution." Not one unconstitutional or
unnecessary cabinet was eliminated. Quite the opposite -government
exploded in size and cost with the Republicans out spending the
Democrats because the American people were demanding more! more! Hello?
Weren't these the same people who said they wanted less government?
Yep, then they turned right around and begged for more big spending as
jobs continued to disappear overseas.

Again, the people had
enough, allegedly, and a "new," improved and repackaged Congress was
"elected" in November 2006. New lies for old. Of course, this was a
clever hoax sold by the "mainstream" media, including cable networks.
Congress is compromised of 435 members of the House of Representatives.
This "new" Congress brought in about 25 new hucksters who know nothing
about constitutional restraints; a few "new" faces with "new" ideas and
"vision" for a "new America!" Hooray and bring out the flags, boys -
Happy Days Are Here Again! The U.S. Senate sits unlawfully, but again,
the only thing there was a few chairs rearranged on the deck of the
Titanic. In the four months the tax and spent Democrats have been back
in "power," it's business as usual. Squabbling, battles between big
egos and ignorant fools like Rep. Carolyn McCarthy with her
unconstitutional gun legislation. The Democrats who claim to be for the
working man (another bald faced lie) have simply picked up where they
left off in 1994. Most of the "smaller government" Republicans who took
"control" in 1995 and out spent the Democrats are still in office.
Their arguments regarding taxes are the same: Democrats chant "tax cuts
for the rich," while the Republicans stick to their mantra that "we
must stick with President Bush's tax cuts because they're working."

working man and woman is drowning, millions know the federal income tax
does NOT apply to domestic Americans. Out of desperation, ideas are
born for replacements to stop this draining of America's lifeblood: a
fair tax, flat tax, value added tax - anything help us!!! These
distractions are designed to keep the American people busy promoting
their own destruction; it's called the herding technique. These
alternative taxing schemes are just that and will not solve the problem
of the Federal Reserve and a fiat currency. These schemes will continue
to feed the banking cartel - which is why this poison is being peddled
to desperate Americans. Without the Federal Reserve Banking System,
these crooks and liars in Congress would not be able to continue
spending BILLIONS of "dollars" everyday when there's no money in the
people's treasury. Of course, a whole lot of these craven crooks and
liars performing this magic of spending money that doesn't exist are
the same bunch who kited checks years ago. For those who might be too
young to remember, back in the early 1990s, a major scandal broke about
members of Congress writing hot checks. It was reported that roughly
355 members of the House of Representatives had overdrawn their
accounts with the House Bank; some 110 came clean. So, you see, writing
hot checks is nothing new to these scoundrels. The tragedy is that they
are dooming your children and grand babies to a life of serfdom. Do you

The real and true discussion needs to be a demand that
Congress abolish all these unconstitutional and unnecessary agencies,
cabinets and spending. I'll get to constitutional funding in a minute.
Let's take the Federal Department of Education, a massive failure that
continues to drain the people's pocketbook like spaghetti sieve. The
federal Department of Education is unconstitutional. Art. 1, Sec. 8 of
the U.S. Constitution does not authorize Congress to legislate
education within the independent, sovereign states who are themselves a
"Republican form of government." This rancid agency designed to
socially indoctrinate your child will eat about $67 BILLION dollars
this fiscal year - $67 BILLION dollars that doesn't even exist while
the people's purse - the treasury - is over drawn almost $9 TRILLION
dollars. Prior to this facilitator of communism birthed by Jimmy
Carter, America had the finest educational system in the world. That
can no longer be said and all the worthless paper (Federal Reserve
Notes) in the world won't make it any better. The only solution is to
abolish it and turn education back to the states.

Let's talk
about the Environmental Protection Agency. Another unconstitutional
cabinet sucking up money like a camel in the Sahara Desert after a long
trek. The EPA is not only unconstitutional, but totally unnecessary. It
will eat up over $8 BILLION dollars this year - $8 BILLION dollars that
doesn't exist with the people's purse empty as counterfeit Senator
Patty Murray's head. Abolish the Department of Homeland Security
because it isn't necessary, it's nothing but a duplicate of a Soviet
style operation headed up by an evil man named MichaelChertoff , who
cares nothing for the U.S. Constitution. This year the Department of
Fatherland Security will blow $35.6 BILLION dollars that don't exist -
it will have to be borrowed; that interest will be slapped on the back
of your children and grand babies. Do you care?

Let's talk about foreign aid:

February 5, 2007
Bush’s Budget Request Would Continue Increase in Foreign Aid
USAID administrator says U.S. aid has nearly tripled since 2000
By Stephen Kaufman/USINFO Staff Writer

-- U.S. foreign assistance could increase 12 percent in fiscal year
2008 from the enacted 2006 fiscal year levels as part of the $2.9
trillion budget plan President Bush has proposed, said Ambassador
Randall Tobias. Tobias is director of U.S. foreign assistance and
administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development. In
remarks at the State Department February 5, Tobias said the Bush
administration is seeking $20.3 billion for the 2008 fiscal year."

U.S. Constitution does not authorize Congress to steal from the
people's treasury to fund this monstrous rape called "foreign aid"
regardless of what country is the recipient, period. Bush wants
Congress to spend $2.9 TRILLION dollars next year when there is no
money in the treasury; $20 BILLION of it to fund graft and corruption
around the world. A trillion dollars this year to fund a ton of
unconstitutional spending, i.e., Department of Health and Human
Services, research grants and "studies" for things like frog
flatulence. Next comes the big hoax of global warming and the
destruction to private enterprise; pillaging of the people's treasury
will be beyond anything you can imagine.

The list goes on,
hundreds of pages in the so called "budget." Of course, this doesn't
sit well with roughly two million Americans employed by the federal
government in jobs not authorized under the Constitution, but they
should not blame me or you for demanding a return to constitutional
government. They should blame the whores they keep electing that
continue this insanity. Tragically, the day of reckoning is coming as I
have warned for years. I encourage you to read the articles below and
this new one by Dr. EdwinVieira , "....a crisis in “homeland security”
will be coming to a neighborhood near you sometime soon, in the form of
a meltdown of America's monetary and banking systems."

Federal Department of (dumbing down your children) Education, EPA,
foreign welfare and Department of "Homeland" Security will blow a
whopping $131 BILLION dollars this year alone. Dollars that don't even
exist, but will be borrowed and slapped on your back, your children and
grand babies. All unconstitutional, all unnecessary except to provide
jobs Congress has NO authority to do; the federal government is not an
employment agency except under communism. Add in the raping of the
American people to fund the communist UN, the World Bank, International
Monetary Fund and you're talking hundreds of billions of dollars stolen
from we the people to fund the furtherance of a one world being ordered
using violence by mad men. Do you care?

How do we fund the
necessary and limited functions of a republican form of government? The
same as we did before the non ratified Sixteenth Amendment and the
Federal Reserve were put in place in 1913. The way James Madison and
the others set it up: tariffs, imposts, duties, excise taxes and
reasonable corporate taxes. However, you can't do this as long as the
central bank and all these unconstitutional and unnecessary cabinets
remain in place. The American people can continue to allow their
lifeblood to seep out until we finally expire or we the people can get
on track with the right discussion about taxation. Last week the AP put
out a news item titled 'Revenue Collections Hit Record in April.' To
the casual reader, gee, it looks great! It's all a carefully crafted
illusion using creative bookkeeping to fool the peasants. It is
imperative that the American people understand the money trail and why
an income tax or these other taxing schemes are not necessary to fund
the federal government; see below. Medicare and social security must be
funded out, but Congress must also tell the American people the truth
about these systems.

The American people must begin demanding an
end to this bloated Leviathan called the federal government. If it were
up to me, I'd boot the whole damn Congress out of office tomorrow
except Ron Paul. He should be America's next president with Dr. EdwinVieira
as Secretary of the Treasury. Anyone who has done any research knows
that the ballot box has been hijacked by high technology (electronic
machines) and that no matter how many assurances are given by those who
profit from these insidious machines, the end result is the same.
Constitutionalists can't get elected; I know from experience. Here and
there one or two get elected because of their districts and population,
i.e., Constitution Party candidate RickJore's great win in Montana. The
voters sent him to the state house. I have written a million words on
vote fraud and yes, Irene, the machines make sure those who get in
Congress and stay election after election are those who will tow the
line with the money masters and do their bidding.

Call into talk
radio when the issue is "lower taxes," "tax cuts for the rich" and
start talking eliminating unconstitutional cabinets and expenditures
and returning to a limited form of republican government. America
prospered without the EPA, foreign welfare, the Federal Department of
Dumbing Down and all these other cabinets and agencies. Remember this:
Congress is the federal government. It was created to do what the
states individually couldn't do as it relates to uniformity: war,
trade, commerce, copyrights, patents and foreign dealings. The states
(colonies) would take care of all business that concerned it's citizens
(domestic) and everything else was left to an independent, self-reliant
people under the Tenth Amendment. It worked like magnificently and it
can work again. The alternative is utter and complete financial

Talk to your friends, people at work over the
water cooler (instead of Paris Hilton or the latest sports scores) and
at group meetings - wherever people congregate: forget the slick
slogans and focus on the true solution- abolishing all but the
necessary functions of a limited form of republican government. Call
your member of Congress and demand he/she make a commitment to abolish
these unconstitutional cabinets, stop this war mongering/nation
building, bring home our military from around the world and return to
constitutional revenues to run the federal government. To continue
talking about taxes without addressing the real issue will produce the
same results and we will simply continue to slide into poverty.
Everyone wants to get rid of the income tax. It is repulsive that
Americans have allowed the federal government to snoop into the most
intimate details of their lives via the Internal Robbing Service. The
IRS must go, but don't replace it with another money pipeline to the
privately owned Federal Reserve. Return to constitutional limitations
on government and no direct taxation the way it was, the way of a free
nation and the path to financial independence. Become one voice united.

what do we mean by the American Revolution? Do we mean the American
war? The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The
Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their
religious sentiments, of their duties and obligations...This radical
change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the
people was the real American Revolution." John Adams, letter to H.
Niles, February 13, 1818


Anonymous said...

First, excerpts from...


Where is the outrage over sky-high taxes, regulatory costs?
by Steve Higgins
7/15/07 - New Haven (CT) Register (Fair Use excerpts)

"Reports last week from two nonprofit groups should serve as a wake-up call to Americans to start agitating for tax reform . . .

"On Monday, the Competitive Enterprise Institute reported that the cost to consumers of complying with federal regulations exceeded $1 trillion in 2006 . . . almost 10 percent of the nation's gross domestic product. It's nearly half the amount of government spending.

"Even more worrisome, the cost of complying with these multitudinous regulations exceeds the amount of individual income tax paid in 2006, about $998 billion, as well as corporate incomes taxes of $277 billion.

"According to the Washington, DC-based advocacy group [ Americans for Tax Reform ], the average American had to work through July 11 this year just to pay all federal, state and local taxes, as well as regulatory costs including workers' compensation and unemployment benefits.

"Congress should take one of two paths: Either cut tax rates and government spending drastically, or adopt the FairTax, an innovative proposal that would involve abolishing the Internal Revenue Service and its income tax and replacing it with a simple national sales tax."

Full article here:


The U.S. income tax system and the U.S. economy are inter-related, and are in DIRE trouble. If we, the citizens of these United States, do not act aggressively to spread the FairTax plan with family, friends and associates - our "nest eggs" stand to be devastated through a coming economic meltdown (see Kotlikoff interview, below).

Politicians are putting demogoguery and pandering above responsible governing - and they're able to do it because Americans do NOT understand - at the "get go" - politicians' / bankers' hunger for ever-increasing shares of the working person's bi-weekly paycheck; Americans do NOT understand the totality of taxes they pay. The FairTax shines the "light of day" on this, putting citizens back in charge to forcefully demand spending reductons.

YOU AND I MUST ACT to mobilize public opinion, and get the FairTax enacted, because the signs point to a probable devaluation of the dollar (for reissuance of an "Amero" ? - under a U.S.-sovereignty-busting North American Union? )

[ NOTE: Does this help clarify your understanding of what's going on globally? a) Bush's persistence on rewarding illegal immigration? b) the North American Highway now under construction in Texas (to stream cheap labor into the covertly-planned North American Union marketplace designed to compete with 21st-century China market? c) the gradual increase in value of the Chinese yuan by China corresponding to China's economic growth? (This will result in the dumping of dollar-denominated debt as its manufacturing economy grows stronger - which guarantees devaluing and ushering-in of the Amero.) ]

Keep in mind, this NAU strategy - supported by the "super-rich" (member-owners of the Fed) - together with their politician buddies who want NOTHING to do with FairTax - runs contrary to simply making the U.S. a "tax free zone" for business under the FairTax. Politicians and bankers lose power when the U.S. is returned to a "savings-driven economy" from a "debt/interest-driven" economy).


Read the summary, "Laurence J. Kotlikoff (*) on Long-Term Fiscal Problems in the U.S.," and download the podcast here:

(*) Prof. Laurence Kotlikoff (expert economist, and advocate, of the FairTax plan)


Powerful "elites," members of political and monied-interest "clubs" reaching into the halls of power in Washington, depend on keeping you and me uninformed of their plans. It is up to YOU and ME to ACT - and not live in a state of denial - based on what we now know is clearly happening to our financial futures.

After you consult the Kotlikoff interview (above):

• (If you're a member of your State FairTax organization) Contact your state or local FairTax Director to learn what you can do. Find yours here:

• (If you're just learning about the FairTax bill) Join here:

Timothy said...

Devvy & Ian:

Your sentiments indicate that you would be very pleased with our website; please check it out:

tom said...

Not one to mince comments, however this one is unavoidable.

"We are a group of self-funded (making no profit, and asking for no money) volunteers dedicated to the passage of the FAIR TAX Act of 2007 (HR25/S1025), a bill before Congress that will eliminate the IRS and all income taxes. The "FAIR TAX Plan" will also repeal the 16th Amendment, the root of today's income tax".

As a supporter of the FairTax (HR25/S1025) does NO such thing as repeal the 16th. It is this type of misinformation that allows people the conception that FairTax people are hiding something.

There is a companion bill which does repeal the 16th however it has NOTHING to do with HR25 or S1025.

Jacke M. said...

Think about this:

What is the primary thing that most lobbyists lobby Congress about?


Do away with the income tax and the IRS tax code and what's left to tinker with? What is left for those lobbyists who lobby for this tax break and that tax break to do?

The FairTax people are lobbyists.

Don't get me wrong, I like the FairTax and it seems like a reasonable solution which is progressive and revenue neutral.

I just think FairTax lobbyists, the ones on the payroll, should get out of bed with the IRS, stop running their business as a 501c3, pay their own taxes, and then perhaps actual passage of the bill might occur. You see, the IRS can take the FairTax's non profit status away if the FairTax group says the *wrong* thing. cannot stand behind politicians who support the cause, they cannot endorse, fund raise, promote any candidate who might be championing passage of the FairTax and this, in my opinion, hurts the cause.

Further, in my opinion, does as much to hinder the passage of HR25 as they do to promote it. It's a constant one step forward, two steps back. It is for that reason that I lost interest in promoting it as a minion of

If the FairTax passes it will only be because the IRS wants it to pass because Joe Bannister and Tommy Creightor were just aquitted on tax fraud, failure to file and other charges. They were aquitted because the IRS couldn't show the jury the law that Americans are required to pay an income tax.

Apparently, there IS no law that a citizen must pay an income tax or even file an income tax return.

Read about it at or

I recently heard that Genie Hayes and Tom Wright are no longer involved with the FairTax group and haven't been for some time...anyone know why? They certainly seemed sold out on the FairTax. I'll bet there's a story there.

tom said...


Genie Hayes left quite some time ago as she was offered a position to good to pass up in the private sector working for some corporation.

No to sure on Tom Wright