Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Don’t Trade Freedom for Government Assistance

We have been informed by representatives of ICHE and CHOIS that tax credit legislation, including legislation that would benefit homeschoolers, will be introduced again in the Idaho legislature. Home School Legal Defense Association generally endorses tax credits because they involve taxpayers simply retaining a portion of their own money, which would not normally result in additional regulation.

As a homeschooler parent and a former member of HSLDA I'm in complete agreement with this stance on taxcuts to home educators. It isn't about the taxcut but the strings attached to the legislation which makes it dangerous.

I would've enjoyed tax breaks to help offset the cost of educating my children, since my tax money was being used in the government school system to educate children which weren't mine. I'm a staunch proponent on a parent's tax money following the student regardless of where they choose to allow their child to go to school at, this in essence would FORCE the government school system to privatize