Wednesday, October 17, 2007

and the walls come tumbling down

We have a journalist and a radio host which have seen fit to battle one another from a distance on many city issues. At stake this week is the John Q. Hammonds deal which will be laid to rest very soon by City Council.
Who builds on a piece of land which the city used "eminent domain" to appropiate from the owner for improvements to the downtown area.
Our journalist seems to have cast some light on a development deal gone bad and our radio host has taken the word of one of the bidders just at her word instead of doing any research on the issue or so it seems that way.
NO ONE is surprized at how our city cowtails to John Q. and his many under lying tenticles to the city of Springfield. I'm sure somewhere there is a move afoot to rename Springfield to Hammondsville in the future, but I digress.
Who really knows what is happening with these developement deals, all the taxpayers understand is that this city has a budget of 215 MIL including CU and the airport. The city is 90 MIL in debt and haven't funded pension plans to the tune of about 90 MIL as well. This makes our city 180 MIL in debt and the cost keep compiling as projects are going further in debt since they aren't producing the revenue that was promised.

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