Friday, November 16, 2007

Commercial Street TiF

Thank you Mark A. Dalton for writing half a story in the Community Free Press

“If you want an obvious example, just look at the fact that there’s no public access to the rear of the buildings on the north side of Commercial. That alone qualifies the area as blighted.” MacPherson emphasizes that TIF is for public projects only.“It’s a 23-year plan that means better roads, better lighting,and safer buildings,” he said. “There will be no eminent domain and we’re not borrowing any money for this. If we don’t have money to do project, we will bank the money until we do.“We’re not promising the moon here.We just want to see Commercial Street succeed.”

"Blighted" is a term defined and used by government agencies to allow them the availability to take something that doesn't belong to them.
In the manner used above just because these buildings back up to the railroad yard and have NO access there, doesn't make them dangerous or a hazard to anyone except government.
The link on the above word will horrorify most people as they read what BLIGHT really means, such as:
3. Property which is likely to or does harbor rats or other vectors, vermin, feral pets, or other non-domesticated animal nuisances, in other words just about any building on the planet.
5. Landscaping which is inadequately maintained or which is not installed as required by city codes or any permit issued in accordance with such codes, in other words if you allow your lawn to die during the summer.
6. Matter including, but not limited to, smoke, odors, dust, dirt, debris, fumes, and sprays which is permitted to be transported by wind or otherwise upon any street, course, alley, sidewalk, yard, park, or other public or private property and which is determined to be a violation of federal, state, regional, or local air quality regulations, in other words any farmer or rancher that just happens to have been invaded by suburbanites.

Mr. Dalton fails to mention the DOUBLING of property taxes in one year then in successive years the property values are increased in value by 20%+ to generate revenue for these various projects the city would like to undertake.
You'll note many of the projects listed below are actually what the City of Springfield should be supplying anyway INFRASTRUCTURE. Now the art & radio station are something that public money shouldn't be used for, this is for private industry to supply should they decide to do so

Officials hope TIF will do what it has for other cities and municipalities across the country by not only increasing the value of existing structures, but the area surrounding them.“We already have a number of businesses that are willing or have already planned to invest a considerable amount of money,” MacPherson said.

And yet the TiF isn't approved !!! My do you think that maybe some individuals would much rather spend someone else's cash instead of their own??

“I’m looking at three projects right now that total over $4 million.” Critics of TIF fear the city will use eminent domain to acquire old buildings in need of repair.

I'm a critic and this doesn't concern me, should the city decide to use Eminent Domain there will be NO stopping them. Just ask Thompson Auto Dealers from the Jordan Park Development.

MacPherson said. “The streets are inadequate, sidewalks are damaged, and the water delivery system can’t handle a major fire should one happen.

Which part of the above isn't handled by the taxes already being generated in this area??


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