Friday, November 16, 2007

Are you sure what you're eating

Many people believe they are getting wholesome products from the grocery store, after all our very own government protects us from harm. The F.D.A. regulates every product found on the store shelves and thus I'm protected RIGHT??
After all this is the same government agency which tells people that government approved drugs are safe to take long before the recall starts.

Are you aware that meat is gassed with carbon monoxide so the clarity of color will last longer??
Many people are not and use the color of the meat as the means to tell if the meat is fresh or not. Air tight packages also help meat retain the color longer, but that adds an expense that many Americans won't tolerate, but they would get over it.

Government regulators have tried to tackle this from a safety issue since meat being packaged is quite difficult to tell if it is fresh or NOT, even meat in the butchers cooler can't be judged on color. Most people "feel" there produce, squeeze it, and smell it to determine whether or not to purchase the orange, apple, or whatever it is they plan on eating later that day and week. This can't be done with meat so in some ways the consumer is at the mercy of the store and the meat packager.
YES I know bananas are gassed to provide the yellow color since they are picked green and shipped green, however they are gassed with banana gas and NOT exhaust fumes out of a tailpipe(emphasis added on purpose)

Meat used to be injected with red dyes to enhance the color so people would purchase it more readily and lower the throw out factor.

I will continue to purchase my meat from a local rancher where I control when the meat is butchered and how its packaged, and YES it is cheaper then buying whatever happen to be sitting in the stores freezer of cooler section



archives_guy said...

You are absolutely correct in your assessment of meats and some produce in the U.S. I understand that most of our produce is now irradiated to slow down the ripening/spoilage process. Almonds are the most recent addition to the list. It is all about profits for the sellers and not about safety for the consumer.

tom said...

This is why we grow our own produce and I only purchase meat from one of my customers, which I know only grass grazes his pork and beef with natural grasses, NO hybrids.

Our milk only comes from Braums only after much research on the company to verify authenticity of company standards.

archives_guy said...

Wow! I agree with you 100% on this! Just wish the rest of my family would wake up. We also get our milk at Braums for all the same reasons. I've been toying with the idea of getting whole milk locally (straight from the cow).