Monday, November 12, 2007

What is veterans day?

Too many it is said to be a day of paying homage to those that came before us to defend our freedoms. So I do I pay homage to Washington, Jefferson, Adams and the many GREAT men that fought for a nation to be born where individual liberties were paramount to the rules of the collective.
Today the collective will tell us that we should pay homage to "the greatest generation", those that are currently fighting for our freedoms in the so labeled "War on Terrorism". As a former member of this nations Air Force I guess I'm also to be recognized, however in my humble opinion I have done nothing except volunteer my services to keep other nations free from tyranny while our nation seems to be slipping backward into it.
Did the "greatest generation" that ever lived repel a fighting force destined to take over the United States?? Argue away, however I don't see such evidence. What I do see is countries such as Spain, Portugal, France and some others should be thanking our vets since they don't speak German. This stands true for both World Wars.

Today we have actions in Afghanistan and Iraq, neither of these nations set a foot militarily into the United States, and we can argue samantics about the terrorist on 9/11 but that will accomplish nothing since most of them were of Saudi decent.

Let's give thanks to those that helped form our nation, the list of names for these individuals is much too long to place on these pages, but they are the heroes of this country, not people like me that volunteered for service after the fact.

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