Monday, December 10, 2007

From a previous council meeting

I must thank "Life of Jason" for this entry

"Councilman Chiles said the land was taken via eminent domain and used for a greater public purpose and asked how this is meeting that goal. Ms. Smith deferred to an attorney. The attorney who answered said the purpose for eminent domain during the actual eminent domain process was public use and that once the arena fell through the reason for public use doesn’t even factor into the situation. Councilman Chiles asked Ms. Smith to address the News-Leader editorial about the process. Ms. Smith said when she did official requests for proposals she said they asked for best proposals with no anticipation as to the proposals. She said they had it became clear keeping BKD downtown and a hotel to enhance the Expo center and said they were “community priorities.” (How is an office building and a hotel really a priority for the average Springfield resident? I don’t see where it is. It seems the citizens really lost out on this deal because the average Springfield resident doesn’t get anything from this other than lower debt on the city. Will we get lower taxes out of it? I guess if the hotel actually pays decent wages a very small part of the community gains something.)

I must wonder if Mr. Chiles had his property blighted then eminent domained to build something that really isn't for the greater public good if his feeling would change


Jason said...

Thank you for the thank you. :)

P Campbell said...

WHAT?! You mean you aren't concerned about where BKD is going to set up housekeeping? Damn, I thought I had my finger on the pulse of this town, and I was sure that this was a concern of the vast majority here in Springfield;)

tom said...

Sorry Perrie but where BKD locates is NO BFD to me.