Monday, December 10, 2007

you lived in a city that have NO regard for taxpayer funds

Silly me I do live in one of those cities.

The results are in and most of our suspicions have been proven out. City leaders nor the upper echelon of city management have any clue of how to run a fiscally responsible city. The sytem of checks and balances has been thrown out of the window along with the balance sheets to determine how money is spent.

Mr. Burlison the city owes you a debt of gratitude for having the bravado to get this started and to see it through. Much thanks to those that gathered signatures(libertarian party members, individual members of the police and fire fighters) which required you to be away from family doing something that you felt was important. To those that attached your signatures to the petition now is the time for you to become active instead of proactive and help us bring about change to the city.

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