Friday, December 7, 2007

it should make an educator proud

"Illiteracy is going to kill America" Clearly had he seen the signs posted all over the mall entrance door this wouldn't have occured. GUN FREE ZONES are exactly that gun free for all not just those that chose to obey the signs.

Perhaps the next time an individual goes on a shooting spree in one of these gun free zones there should be a class action lawsuit against the owner of said facility for lack of protection provided.
Depression or not this individual chose to go to a crowded place and inflict his lunacy on others when he could've made the choice to turn the gun on himself and ended his own misery and few if any would've noticed.

I recommend any group or individual which promotes gun control to place a sign on there home and business stating that this is a gun free zone that way the less informed doesn't walk into my home and end up D.R.T.


Anonymous said...

One group of folks who are strongly opposed to any form of gun control is the Muslim Jihadist.
In a terrorist training manuals addressed to the "Muslim Brotherhood" they encourage their trainees to take advantage liberal gun laws not only to learning how to use weapons but also on what type of weapons to buy.
(Apparently the AK 47 is the weapon of choice.)
Read section 4.5 on "training of firearms"
The chilling part is that they encourage their brothers to obey the US laws and not to risk imprisonment for illegal weapons possession.
"Why risk prison when you can buy weapons legally"

tom said...

"liberal gun laws" more like my creator given liberty to have which is to be protected by government not infringed upon by government. The greater percentage of individuals with guns act responsibly, it is the miniscule minority that take actions which need to be dealt with.