Tuesday, December 18, 2007

reading the tea leaves

Poll: More trust Republicans than Democrats on Terrorism, Illegal Immigration and Moral Values

Posted by Rachel Alexander

December 16, 2007 at 8:01 pm

In a recent USA Today/Gallup poll, more people said they trust Republicans over Democrats on the issues of terrorism (by 10%), illegal immigration (by 7%), and moral values (by 4%). This sends a clear message to Republicans running for office in 2008 – they need to emphasize and run on those issues.

I enjoy this sentence since she doesn't say the republicans must find people that believe these issues to be the most important, only they need to proclaim these issues to be important to get elected.

Some members of Congress have figured that out, like Arizona’s Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl, who backed off on their support for immigration reform perceived as amnesty, and are instead now advocating for the traditional Republican position backing border enforcement.

I've lived through Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush 1, and Bush 2. All were elected president as republicans and yet NOTHING has been done about our border. Bush 2 even had a republican led congress and yet NOTHING was done about border security. A traditional republican position I THINK NOT !!!!

The big elephant in the closet is terrorism; the Democrats’ timid approach toward terrorism takes a huge gamble that there will not be another successful terrorist attack on the U.S. before the next election. If there is an attack, the Republicans’ tough approach to terrorism will have been clearly proven to be correct, and they’ll sweep the elections.

If there is a terrorist attack before the election it will clearly point out the failures of this government to defend this country twice in an 8 year reign of Bush the younger. It is time for people to wake up defending this nation isn't a very high priority for anyone in DC.

Surprisingly, more people said they trust the Democrats over the Republicans on taxes (by 2% - within the margin of error). This is perplexing, I cannot understand why anyone would prefer raising taxes over cutting taxes (unless it’s a politician who wants to spend more money, or low-income earners who do not pay taxes but who are dependent upon the government for welfare).

Since neither party can control itself with the purse I find it perplexing that either party had anyone that trusted them on taxes. How about something radical like getting rid of federal government taxation as a whole and lose all the "special interest" taxation programs

The poll also found that more people trust the Democrats over the Republicans on issues such as Iraq and the economy, but those can be explained as a result of Bush fatigue; whenever one party has been in the White House for over one term, the voters begin to turn to the other party naturally. Republicans can still win in 2008, if they keep terrorism, illegal immigration and moral values front and center.

BUSH fatigue??????? How about educational stupidity since on these issues BOTH these two parties are exactly alike. YES the democrats will huff and puff about getting out of Iraq but when it is all said an done we'll be there for another 50 years or so. One only need to look at Japan, Korea, Germany, and the host of other places where we still have military installations.

One must wonder where the political machines of the republicans and democrats find these people that can watch what goes on in politics and yet still continue to misrepresent their side of the political coin.
Are these people purposely trying to get people to sway to there side via half truths and short facts. I guess that is why the educational establishment has remained constant no matter which political party has controlled the White House and Oval Office.

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