Wednesday, December 26, 2007

city audit aftermath

Now that the audit process is finished where do we go from here. By reading the opinion pieces and the online edition it appears the battle lines are drawn. Some people would much rather have remained in the dark to city finances, while others want to get the broom out and start a new.
I believe change is needed to the way this city is run and some department heads need to either change the status quo of there departments or find a new place of employment. A supervisory role means that decisions need to be made and not all of them are going to be pleasant. Budgets are something that should be taken quite seriously, just as every homeowner must watch their expenses so must the city leaders watch the expenditures of the city. We have come upon an age where spend now fend off the bill collectors later seems to be the normal modus operandi for many businesses, government institutions, and homeowners. The nation is nine trillion in debt, many states remain with red ink bleeding the state coffers, the average city spends three times the amount of there revenue, and the average homeowner carries about 20G's in credit card debt. If government institutions were rated in the same manner for a credit score as the individual then credit counselling services would be booked with appointments for years to come.
The fiscal health of this city is beholden to the taxpayer not only in our elected officials, but to every individual that resides within the city limits. If you feel something is amiss in government then go to the source and make your voice heard, stop complaining to the handful of people that read the editorial section. You can change government for the better, but one must get off the couch and make the attempt before seeing results.
It took approximately five thousand six hundred people to shine the light on city finances, in a city that has a population base of over one hundred fifty two thousand. A minority can institute change if they are willing to make the sacrifice.

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Jason said...

"You can change government for the better, but one must get off the couch and make the attempt before seeing results."

I agree with you on that.