Sunday, January 6, 2008

bureaucratic nightmare

you came to town and purchased a castle built in 1915. This castle was built, owned, and operated by once what was thought of to be a secret society of individuals. The strangeness doesn't end here however because the oddities continue once I was allowed to tour this place and talk to the new owners.
The Knights of Pythias built these castles to care for the widows and orphaned children of their membership and upon touring the local castle the building "codes" of which they applied are far superior to our government forced "building codes and standards". I wonder how this could be since the federal government nor any state government forced building regulations when this structure was built.
For those of us that tend to believe that government regulations are needed for people to continue to be safe I recommend they tour a Pythian Castle some where near where you live.

Back to my story SORRY for the government rant.

Since the Knights of Pythais left the building it has been in federal government hands, US military control, local government hands, and eventually sold off as excess. It was auctioned off for about 5G's or so quite possible even less, but at 40,000 square feet it isn't a cheap building to maintain. The building was listed on the open market by a Realtor and sold to a couple of ladies from CA back a few years ago.
These ladies poured their hearts and soul into this place and restored it as much as possible back to the time frame it was built. Since the outside of the structure is Granite Block along with the supporting walls there was no need to worry about a cracking foundation or structure. The castle received a new coat of paint on the inside walls, the hardwood floors were refurbished, the ballroom and theater brought back to there grandeur. At some point in time after all this was finished the building was opened for tours, weddings, theater, and ballroom dancing. It appears the main point of contention in this time line is did the owner have a "business license" to operate this facility in any manner, In other words did she get permission from the omnipresent imperial government to earn money from her own private property.
The city steps in and shuts her down, and in the never ending story her building has been proclaimed to be a dangerous structure uninhabitable. In the past this building was used as a hospital during WW II because of how structurally sound this building is, not because it is unsafe. From my understanding of the issue from one side of the coin it appears the city keeps extending the playing field every time it appears that the owner is going to score a touchdown, making it much harder on the players to remain in the game.

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